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    Bjorn Roesbeke

    Have i not introduced myself? Really? Okay then…

    I’m Bjorn Roesbeke, born in ’89, living in Zomergem, Vlaanderen (the Dutch speaking region of Belgium).
    I’ve got many hobbies; creating and repairing electronic devices, organizing lanparties and various IT-related ones such as webdevelopment.
    Whilst not really knowledgeful about radiation or the environment, i do like to learn new things.
    Dave Jones’ Eevblog made uRADMonitor come to my attention and convinced me to participate in this project.
    I never say no to a new IoT device on my network.

    Welcome to my home, uRADMonitor #1200003F!



    Welcome to the forum, Bjorn! Those are excellent photos, shared them on the FB page.


    Unit 8200007B is online
    Name is Luc and living in the city centre of Antwerp-Belgium
    The unit arrived yesterday by mail and after some weatherproofing its now up and running at about 4m high at the streetsite.
    I hope the housing wil not influence the readings too much (it’s new and it’s smells….). I used a G352mf housing a little big but the G313mf was just to small.
    Will include some pictures of the installation.
    Next project is to readout the unit and produce graphs locally, I found PRTG for windows, which is free for 100 sensors, but it will require a lot of study, I’m not the software kind of person….


    Hello, I am Koh Sasaki. I live in Tokyo, 250 km from Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.
    My A3 model is the first in Japan, and a total of three stations are installed.
    I thought that I would like to join the network in April and finally installed A3 in July.
    I started test operation on July 12th and have just started operation on outdoor on July 16th.
    A3 is placed in a weatherproof plastic box.
    ID 82000078


    Welcome, Koh, and congrats on the beautiful installation. One observation though, the enclosure seems too tight, apparently sealing the unit from the outside air. A Stevenson shield is the perfect solution here.
    You might want to add a few (big) holes at the bottom and on the sides of the plastic enclosure.


    Kon’nichiwa Koh…. I was glad to see you have a URADMonitor in Tokyo. I’ve followed the Fukushima disaster since 2011 and I think that you will be help us understand the impacts. Arigatōgozaimashita.


    Hi, I’m Moz, a software geek and cyclist in Sydney, Australia. I bought an A3 and it arrived a week ago, but I work with embedded systems guys who are mostly gadget freaks so it took a bit of effort to bring it home from work. I’m interested in air quality, I live fairly close to a major road and wonder just how bad the air is. Plus I live in a “shedroom” made of coolstore panels (steel skin over 75mm of EPS) glued together. It’s almost airtight, and the cyanoacetate glue is supposed to stop outgassing after a week (shed built two months ago) but after closing the room up all day I can smell it. Now I can measure it too – when you see formaldehyde go up and AQ go down on my graphs, that’s the outgassing 🙂 It’s also an effective faraday cage, two layers of steel in the walls and roof, so the A3 inside has to be ethernet. When I’m at work it gets over 40 degrees Celsius in the shed quite regularly because the room is sealed up… but it also gets over 40 degrees outside 🙂

    I’ve done a deal with my boss to split the cost so have also backed the Indegogo campaign and will have a couple more A3’s shortly. My plan is to have a second unit outside the shed, then leave one unit at work. That one will probably move round inside the building while my co-workers argue about air quality and whether they can buy the sensors and build a similar device for less money (I don’t expect that they will actually build one, but they like talking about how easy it would be… and if they do I can test their one too).


    Hi Moz, welcome to the network!


    Greetings all.

    Thanks to the generosity of Radu, I am the proud operator of the following devices:

    https://www.uradmonitor.com/?open=110000F8 (This is a fixed Model A that is currently undergoing some tests; its geographic address is 7101 Ottawa Rd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87110 rather than Grants as it currently displays on the map)

    https://www.uradmonitor.com/?open=51000016 (This is a KIT1 that is installed on the bedroom wall at my primary residence, and displays location correctly on the map. Its reading is high for the area due to background from radioactive collectibles throughout the home, so please do not interpret this measurement as representative of Albuquerque.)

    Personal background
    I’m a nuclear engineer (currently titled “Health Physicist”) at a US government facility, and live in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I also teach an introductory nuclear engineering course at the University of New Mexico. Most of my background has been involved with particle accelerator applications. Avocational pursuits have included building fusion neutron generators (I was an active admin / participant on the http://www.fusor.net forums for most of the last two decades); traveling to radioactive destinations such as Chernobyl, Semipalatinsk, and Fukushima; and collecting radioactive items (I have a personal blog linked in my profile where that stuff tends to be discussed). I’m also an amateur radio operator (KF4KIG).

    I have a strong interest in radiation detection and measurement, and some ideas for expanding on the uRADMonitor hardware to create a high-sensitivity neutron detection station, which should provide some insights into secondary cosmic ray backgrounds and their variation.

    I look forward to contributing to and interacting with this community.

    Best regards,
    Carl Willis


    Hi Carl,

    I’m excited about meeting you here and look forward to putting some of your excellent ideas/feedback into practice.

    henk harms

    Hi Folks.

    Henk here 50yrs and retired Business Architect, I been running dayboro weather station since 2004. Just connecting every wire I can find and hope for the best :-).

    I have unit #820000E7, not much of a coder I just beg, borrow and steal what I can find.
    Pretty much need all the help I can get to get things done, now a day’s due to some brain damage issues.

    Apart from that… all happy and excited to have the A3 unit plugged in, now the trouble starts LOL.

    Have fun folks.



    Good Afternoon:
    David here, a retired mechanical guy in Canada. I have always been interested in remote monitoring . I am running a shiny new A3 unit outside on the shed #82000137

    ( it however is not playing nice at the moment ).

    Current interests include floating toy balloons around the world at around 12 kilometers above the surface and using H.F. telemetry to monitor, position, altitude,

    wind speed, and other items.

    Here is a link to a balloon that flew over 50000km. http://www.qrp-labs.com/flights/u3b22.html. Other flights have not been so lucky. I hope to add crude radiation

    monitoring data to the balloon transmitter in the future. Ham radio callsign…. VE3KCL.



    Hi everyone.

    Another David here, from south of France.
    I run my own “IT” company and work mostly from home.

    I got my A3 a couple of weeks ago but set it up last week-end only, it’s unit #820000E8.
    It’s screwed to a wall facing south, on the second floor of the house (protected because it’s some kind of balcony).
    It’s PoE powered (fs.com 802.3af PoE switch and adapter).

    The initial idea was to monitor radiation level, as we’re in the Rhône valley, with several nuclear plants upnorth and some almost wind going down south to the Mediterranean sea (that wind is called “mistral”).


    hi Guys, it’s really great to have you all here.

    , don’t be shy and ask if you need any help. Either me or the other guys will be able to help getting things going.

    beautiful installation. I just posted it on the FB page: https://www.facebook.com/uRADMonitor/photos/a.398902893605715/1054542198041778/?type=3&theater

    your high altitude balloon projects are impressive. It was a real inspiration for me to see your work and achievements. It’s still on my list to have a small weigh PIN photodiode radiation detector, I will let you know when I get the time to build it , maybe you’ll learn it to fly, who knows! Should you have the time it would be awesome to post more on your projects, either here or on a separate thread.

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