Solving the problem

We believe in building something that matters. Something that has a positive impact on the lives of many. This is why we have created uRADMonitor, because our bodies are fragile and because pollution is harmful both to us and to the environment. So we have designed a worldwide network of automated monitors, as a first line detection and warning system against the harmful chemical and physical factors around us.

uRADMonitor hardware products


uRADMonitor is a project built for the community. We have invested time of our lives to build a tool to serve others. We are grateful for the recognition our work has received, in terms of prizes, grants or community support.

You and uRADMonitor

The uRADMonitor project relies on civic attitude at a global level, being supported by a large number of individuals. By purchasing a detector today, you get a high quality dosimeter and at the same time contribute data to this worldwide initiative, supporting the project’s development. To get your unit, click here.

Legal information

Magnasci SRL, Timisoara, 300414, Romania, VATID RO35268562 . Contact us here.