Preparing to ship at once a large amount of units takes considerable time, mainly because each one needs to be carefully packed with all the accessories and also labeled correctly. Should the uRADMonitor network go for dynamic IDs, things would become a little easier on the logistics side, but for now, each shipping label must be matched to the right device.
With our indieGogo campaign ending successfully, the KIT1 was among the top units sold, so now that the production is complete and QA testing gave the green light, we were able to manage the logistics for a few tens of units.
Luckily we had a few of our production components externalised, and thanks to our top notch partners, we can handle production and logistics at factory level capacity. Here’s how 100 packed and ready-to-go KIT1 units look like:
All these will soon reach the backers, extending the network even further.