Our uRADMonitor INDUSTRIAL was selected for a Pilot smartcity implementation in Kranj, Slovenia, to complement with Air Quality Monitoring the smart lighting solution implemented by EcoSunLights.

Five units with LoRaWAN connectivity where deployed, each in a protective rainproof enclosure with side air vents and a top metallic sun shield:

The enclosure holds the uRADMonitor INDUSTRIAL unit, but also a nice custom mini UPS as a backup power solution.

The UPS uses two 18650 3.7V 2600mAh Lithium batteries in series, for a total power capacity of 19.24Wh. With one uRADMonitor INDUSTRIAL consuming not more than 450mW, the backup can hold for 42.7hours of offgrid use.

The units where assembled with the stock sensors, generating environmental readings for NO2, SO2, O3, CO and Particulate Matter, pollutants part of EU legislation on air quality. The detectors were installed in key locations of the city contributing with valuable air quality data, to support the smart city project currently in development there:

The LoRaWAN connectivity makes the data upload so convenient thanks to its excellent range.