Although months and years are just one of our many conventions, the end of the year is a great moment to look back and do a balance of the recent achievements, like I did before. For a strong innovation based company like Magnasci, it was a natural direction to keep the R&D pedal pushed all the way down for new uRADMonitor technologies. The project remained committed to impacting Air Quality at global scale. For 2017, this resulted in new products, almost 800 units worldwide, more experiments and a broader recognition of our efforts. This article will summarize our most exciting achievements during the busy 2017.

Supported by Orange, multiple uRADMonitor A3 units were installed in Alba Iulia, the first Romanian Smart City.

In early 2017, uRADMonitor INDUSTRIAL was conceived, the 5th product to measure air quality using calibrated sensors. It already entered production.

Experiments with flying air quality monitoring solutions, using drones. This direction is to evolve into an autonomous, automated solution.

The first uRADMonitor wearable brings the air quality monitoring closer to the people. A low cost, low weight wearable with advanced sensors, this device will see production in early 2018.

Our efforts were recognitioned and uRADMonitor is National Winner and Regional Finalist at CESAwards 2017.

The second uRADMonitor indieGogo campaign received 25% funding in less than a day. It offered advanced air quality monitors to locations where people don’t afford it but are more affected.

The uRADMonitor INDUSTRIAL ranked as a Finalist in the prestigious Hackday Prize competition, 2017.

First SmartCity implementation in Slovenia using multiple uRADMonitor INDUSTRIAL units for advanced Environmental Monitoring.

It’s been a full year, and with so many exciting accomplishments there’s nothing I’d change. Like before, there is an increasing list of things to do next. The database will see a major update soon to coupe with the enourmous amounts of data collected. The hardware will change to adapt to the dynamic market requirements. The software will improve in the way the environmental data is served to the end users. But let’s take these one at a time. Until then,

Radu Motisan
uRADMonitor Founder