Alba Iulia is a city located on the MureĊŸ River in Alba County, Transylvania, Romania. Its history goes back to ancient Roman times (106 to 275AD), when the existing settlement was known as Apulum. The following years bear mark of glorious historical deeds, making this city a symbol for the Romanian nation. Michael the Brave gloriously entered Alba Iulia back in 1599, uniting Wallachia, Moldavia and Transylvania under his rule. Years later, in 1918, Alba Iulia was once again the place where the union of Transylvania with the Kingdom of Romania was proclaimed.

But back to our times, those visiting the city will be delighted to discover the wonders of the past, preserved impeccably around the walls of the Alba Carolina fortress, the largest citadel in Romania.

Alba Iulia today

As the Romanian ICT industry ranks high on the market for products and services based on smart technologies, the Ministry of Communications and Information Society released for public consultation the Romania Smart City Guide, published on 2nd of December, 2016. It is a compendium of best practices, intelligent solutions and technologies that applied to local and regional communities can make cities smarter. This has a huge impact on citizens and public administration, improving the access to Products and Services in health and education systems. The project was launched with a debuting conference, at Alba Iulia, the city hosting a new reference event with the first steps towards the implementation of a Smart City in Romania.

Alba Iulia #SmartCity conference participants, (C) 2016 City of Alba Iulia

An important first step for the Alba Iulia Smart City 2018 pilot project was taken with the cooperation agreement approved by Orange Romania and the municipality of Alba Iulia. “Orange Romania will contribute to the design and implementation of this smart city by providing an open, interoperable, and modular platform that is tailored to the needs of the city and its citizens. The costs of developing and implementing the solutions for the pilot project shall be fully covered by Orange Romania, which is supported in this project by several world-class partners : Civic Alert, Magnasci (uRadMonitor), Tech Lounge, FullscreenDigital, Gebs (Zoniz), Flashnet”. Read more in the Orange press release.
The involvement of Magnasci in the program is related to manufacturing a number of uRADMonitor A3 detectors to be installed in the city. With support from Orange Romania, 15 uRADMonitor model A3 detectors have been deployed in public transportation at the moment of speaking. Radu Motisan presented the benefits impacting the health of citizens and the quality of the environment:

Several uRADMonitor A3 detectors were installed in public transportation in Alba Iulia

Thanks to this technology, we now have precise, real time indications on pollutions affecting the city and the nearby regions, as covered by the buses carrying the uRADMonitor detectors.

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