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SmartCity Debate Iasi 2018

The SmartCity Debate 2018-2020 took place in Iasi today bringing together hundreds of participants. There were representatives of city halls from all across the country and key players from several companies. The debate was organised around 5 panels, concerning urban mobility, smart utilities, cybersecurity, financing and startup demos. SmartCity Debate Iasi 2018 Participants uRADMonitor was […]


SmartCity Implementation in Slovenia

Our uRADMonitor INDUSTRIAL was selected for a Pilot smartcity implementation in Kranj, Slovenia, to complement with Air Quality Monitoring the smart lighting solution implemented by EcoSunLights. Five units with LoRaWAN connectivity where deployed, each in a protective rainproof enclosure with side air vents and a top metallic sun shield: The enclosure holds the uRADMonitor INDUSTRIAL […]


Alba Iulia becomes the first Romanian #SmartCity

Alba Iulia is a city located on the MureĊŸ River in Alba County, Transylvania, Romania. Its history goes back to ancient Roman times (106 to 275AD), when the existing settlement was known as Apulum. The following years bear mark of glorious historical deeds, making this city a symbol for the Romanian nation. Michael the Brave […]


uRADMonitor Model A3

uRADMonitor Model A3 is a fixed monitoring station designed to measure a total of 8 important parameters related to pollution and air quality, continuing the environmental monitoring direction that was introduced by the Model D. It was first announced in June 2016, initially being deployed in public transportation, marking our company’s first steps towards the […]


Open Innovation

The International Conference of Clusters from Northern Transylvania is an annual event in Romania created out of necessity for joint innovative projects, with a major impact on the community. uRADMonitor was invited and we held a presentation in one of the sections of the event. One of the topics of substantial importance was the “Open […]