The International Conference of Clusters from Northern Transylvania is an annual event in Romania created out of necessity for joint innovative projects, with a major impact on the community. uRADMonitor was invited and we held a presentation in one of the sections of the event.
One of the topics of substantial importance was the “Open Innovation” concept, referring to a new way of putting tech puzzle pieces together to achieve new products and services. Getting closer to the smart city sector, the speakers indicated the need to see cities as playgrounds for various companies including startups, in order to accelerate the innovation process, unlike the traditional directions which are often blocking the incipient sparks.
For what we are concerned, we couldn’t be more content then to find a concept compatible with our direction. The city as a playground is the perfect premise for our new uRADMonitor A3 detectors and our interest in the smartcity sector. Assuring openness in collaboration between various tech entities is certainly an ideal scenario to leverage existing resources to attain maximum performance and an innovative concept itself.
It was extremely pleasing to see all the participants aligned to this direction, including both key players of the private sector and the administration:

uRADMonitor Founder Mr. Radu Motisan, AROBS Transilvania Founder Mr. Voicu Oprean and Mayor of Cluj-Napoca Mr.Emil Boc

During this event, several uRADMonitor A3 devices were already deployed in public transportation in partnership with Orange Romania, feeding live data on the air quality in Cluj Napoca:

Air Quality Monitoring in Cluj Napoca implemented with uRADMonitor A3 hardware and Orange infrastructure

The event ended with a cocktail party in an exclusive location, marking a successful conference and we are all excited to follow up on the trends we identified.