The SmartCity Debate 2018-2020 took place in Iasi today bringing together hundreds of participants. There were representatives of city halls from all across the country and key players from several companies. The debate was organised around 5 panels, concerning urban mobility, smart utilities, cybersecurity, financing and startup demos.

SmartCity Debate Iasi 2018 Participants

uRADMonitor was present both on the expo space at the Orange FAB stand but also among the speakers with CEO Radu Motisan presenting the Global Environmental Monitoring network to the audience to highlight the advantages that IoT and Environmental Big Data can bring to a city. The presentation, in Romanian, is available here as PDF.

The expo space also held one of the uRADMonitor A3 units, the GSM variant, that registered real time data during the event. The expo space was were the participants would gather for breaks, and the device accurately measured CO2 increases during those times, a fact also presented in Radu’s speech as a demo to the audience.

uRADMonitor A3 with GSM connectivity sending live data

These weren’t the only occasions when the uRADMonitor project was brought to the attention of those present. Given the integration of several A3 units in the SmartCity Pilot projects undertaken by Orange Romania, Mr.Cristian Patachia Development and Innovation Manager at Orange presented uRADMonitor as one of the components of their Smart City solution.

Mr.Cristian Patachia Development and Innovation Manager @Orange showcasing a uRADMonitor INDUSTRIAL unit in the SmartCity context

Mr. Valentin Voinica, Project Manager at Alba Iulia City Hall, enumerated the smart solutions that are supporting the city’s reputation as the first Romanian digital city. uRADMonitor was once again on the main screen and Mr.Voinica explained how the system is used to collect air quality data to be used to identify infringing factors and to inform citizens in Alba Iulia.

Mr.Valentin Voinica, Project Manager at Alba Iulia City Hall presenting how uRADMonitor is used in their city

The Air Quality monitoring topic was looked at with interest and it most pleasing to see such a great interest including from the administration’s side. The support the Mayor of Iasi, Mr.Mihai Chirica has expressed is an essential step in helping the city to rapidly evolve on the digital path by using more smart technologies.

Radu Motisan, CEO Magnasci and Mihai Chirica, Mayor of Iasi

Iasi is currently covered by a large number of uRADMonitor A3 devices installed in buses by Orange Romania, as another implementation in their already generous SmartCity portfolio. Thanks to this type of deployment, the devices are practically mapping the entire city, generating real time air quality data sets. The uRADMonitor A3 is a complex IOT device that measures a large number of air parameters, including Particulate Matter PM2.5/PM10, Carbon dioxide, Formaldehyde, but also temperature, barometric pressure and humidity.

Real time Air Quality data in Iasi mapped with uRADMonitor A3 devices installed on busses