Orange Romania announced the first six startups that entered Orange Fab, the corporate acceleration program. The program proposes several directions to help the development of the participants like co-innovation, access to Orange technologies, product validation or distribution. This effort can also result in added value for the Orange portfolio of products and services.

Vlad Sorici (Orange) presenting the OrangeFab program at IMWorld 2017

The program is designed to facilitate the cooperation between the selected companies and Orange – for the implementation of pilot projects:

uRADMonitor is among the six companies selected. Our partnership with the telco company started in 2016, with the cooperation on the Alba Iulia Smart City implementation, where several uRADMonitor A3 devices have been installed in public transportation to map the entire city in a very effective way.

uRADMonitor A3 internals

The uRADMonitor A3 is advanced air quality monitoring station with sensors for Gamma radiation, formaldehyde, CO2, tVOC Air quality +temperature, barometric pressure, air humidity, and a laser scattering sensor for PM2.5 particulate matter. The devices connect to the Internet using the Orange Hotspots installed in busses:

Some time after, we’re excited about how things have evolved: Alba Iulia is now completely covered by the environmental monitoring solution, permanently analysing the air quality both in traffic and in the touristic areas. Data is reported in real time to the local administration and decision makers, so any offending factors can be limited right away:

Alba Iulia Air Quality overview dashboard

Future of Life

This is the track for your product about life – how it can be simulated by computers in order to break current technological barrier through artificial intelligence, how it can be further engineered using biotechnologies or how digitalization could bring impactful changes in people’s life.
In other words, uRADMonitor joined to impact the people’s quality of life, by addressing the pollution problem, with its network of detectors to monitor air quality in cities, office spaces or homes. With Orange, we can scale up this effort faster, and deploy increasingly more advanced products closer to the people!

uRADMonitor hardware devices portfolio