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Simcom-EBV Workshop on LTE-M solutions

I know this title might be challenging for some of you. And it’s not even the full title of the event, since the workshop also included the Orange LTE-M and Live Objects presentations. Allow me to clarify, Simcom is a communications hardware manufacturer (modems, GPS modules), EBV Electronik is a parts distributor, Orange is a […]


Orange FAB Demo day

When uRADMonitor was selected in the OrangeFAB program, we had little idea of the implications. Bringing together professionals and resources to support our work, the program has come to have a massive impact on the uRADMonitor development. What an exciting adventure this was! But enough big words, let’s see a quick summary. Alba Iulia SmartCity […]



Orange Romania announced the first six startups that entered Orange Fab, the corporate acceleration program. The program proposes several directions to help the development of the participants like co-innovation, access to Orange technologies, product validation or distribution. This effort can also result in added value for the Orange portfolio of products and services. Vlad Sorici […]


Winner of Innovation Labs 2016

The 2016 edition of the Innovation Labs competition, organised by Tech lounge and backed up by Orange, Carrefour and the Romanian-American Foundation, ended a few days ago with an impressive ceremony at the National Library of Romania. Code named “the Demo Day”, it was an interesting combination of technical product/prototype demo and live presentations held […]