I know this title might be challenging for some of you. And it’s not even the full title of the event, since the workshop also included the Orange LTE-M and Live Objects presentations. Allow me to clarify, Simcom is a communications hardware manufacturer (modems, GPS modules), EBV Electronik is a parts distributor, Orange is a telco operator that just introduced LTE-M support in Romania, useful for IOT applications like uRADMonitor. They also provide the Live Objects solution, a complex platform to aggregate and distribute high volumes of data in real time, very well suited for IOT applications.

Vaitis Mircea (Orange IoT Sales Manager) and Dorian Draghici (Orange Sales Engineer) demonstrating Live Objects

The workshop had the perfect ingredients for designing modern IOT applications and many of the attendees were in this field. uRADMonitor is moving to LTE-M (and also NB-IoT), both options to be added to the existing products soon.

This was a hands on presentation with boards and modems provided by EBV-Electronik and trained speakers that went into all the relevant details to demonstrate connecting to a LTE-M network and doing some traffic, the basics for any new implementation.

Mihai Dorin Novac (right) Simcom area sales manager

Orange Fab was present to the event, bringing 3 use cases based on IOT technologies, where some of them have already implemented LTE-M connectivity with Orange. uRADMonitor will add this in the following months, so expect more functionality out of our existing products!

Monica Obogeanu – Startup Programs Manager Orange

BOX2m, an Orange Fab startup that does monitoring and metering of telecom & energy infrastructures, showcased their complex solutions as a practical demo for what LTE-M can do:

Alex Gliga, BOX2m CEO presenting their products

KFactory, another Orange Fab startup, found a way to complement existing heavy duty factory tools and machines with sensors so they can track in real time the production effectiveness but also any wear and tear.

Vlad Cazan, CEO of KFactory, explaining how they can improve the production chain in factories using modern technologies

uRADMonitor was also there to showcase specific IOT use cases:

Radu Motisan, uRADMonitor CEO presenting the pilot projects in the smart city sector

The event was surprisingly well put together, demonstrating the new modems and technology communication solutions in a very practical way, from a hands-on workshop to real world applications that are already using LTE-M.