uRADMonitor INDUSTRIAL is the fifth uRADMonitor hardware product designed in 2017 for IOT Air Quality Monitoring with applications in smart homes, smart cities and industry. It is a general purpose, high performance Air Quality detector for Particulate Matter (PM2.5 and PM10), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Ozone (O3), Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) and Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2). The sensor readings are automatically syncronized to the Internet via a WLAN or a LoRaWAN connection. The Data is stored in the cloud and it is conveniently available via the uRADMonitor API.

uRADMonitor INDUSTRIAL sensors

Lab calibrated sensors

Each unit comes with four slots that can fit up to four electrochemical sensors and one laser scaterring particulate matter sensor to measure PM2.5 and PM10. All these sensors are digital and are powered by a separate microcontroller. The electrochemical sensors have a built-in temperature sensor for temperature drift compensation. The sensors have a unique identifier and are individually tested and calibrated in a specialised lab by exposure to various levels of the target gas. A calibration certificate is issued for each. Therefore the uRADMonitor INDUSTRIAL units generate high quality, calibrated data.
The default sensor configuration is the following:

Sensor Parameter Minimum value Maximum value
Winsen ZH03A Particulate matter PM2.5
Particulate matter PM10
0 μg/m³ 1000 μg/m³
* Winsen ZE03-O3 Ozone 0 ppm 20 ppm
* Winsen ZE03-CO Carbon Monoxide 0 ppm 1000 ppm
* Winsen ZE03-SO2 Sulphur Dioxide 0 ppm 20 ppm
* Winsen ZE03-NO2 Nitrogen Dioxide 0 ppm 20 ppm

* All sensors are individually tested and calibrated.

Dashboard data example

Custom gas options

The four electrochemical sensor slots are designed for plug and play customization and replacement. This makes maintenance uncomplicated. The customization options include connecting multiple sensors of the same kind in one single uRADMonitor INDUSTRIAL unit for increased redundancy (for example you can have four Carbon Monoxide sensors in one single uRADMonitor INDUSTRIAL unit) or you can select any of the following sensors to expand detection capabilities to more gases:


Gas Detection interval
CO Carbon monoxide 0 – 1000ppm
O2 Oxigen 0 – 25%VOL
NH3 Ammonia gas 0 – 100ppm
H2S Hydrogen sulfide 0 – 100ppm
NO2 Nitrogen dioxide 0 – 20ppm
HF Hydrogen fluoride 0 – 10ppm
SO2 Sulfur dioxide 0 – 20ppm
CL2 Chlorine gas 0 – 10ppm
O3 Ozone 0 – 20ppm
C2H4 Ethylene 0 – 100ppm
CH2O Formaldehyde 0 – 10ppm
ETO Ethylene oxide 0 – 20ppm
H2 Hydrogen gas 0 – 1000ppm
HCL Hydrogen chloride 0 – 20ppm

Product features

The model INDUSTRIAL is designed as a fixed monitoring station. It comes in 2 variants, with the same sensors but offering different connectivity options: Wifi and LoraWAN. It takes any voltage in the 6V – 28V interval and uses less than 1 Watt of power to run. It can be powered using a small solar panel making it the perfect remote surveillance monitor. This unit doesn’t have a screen, it works as a monitor and the data can be viewed remotely on a computer or on a mobile device.

Picture: uRADMonitor INDUSTRIAL motherboard front and bottom view

Item Parameter Ratings
Voltage External 6V – 28V
Connectivity 4 options WiFi and LoRaWAN
Microcontroller Atmega328p 8 bit

Health Impact

Air pollution is the single largest environmental cause of premature death in urban Europe and transport is the main source. The 2008 Air Quality Directive, now under review, obliges member states to cut exposure to fine particulate matter by an average of 20% by 2020, based on 2010 levels.
The National Emissions Ceiling Directive caps some emissions including particulate matter (PM) and nitrogen dioxide (NOx) at national level. A revised version of the directive is as of 2016 under scrutiny by the Council of Ministers and European Parliament. Across the EU in 2013, nitrogen dioxide (NO2), which is mostly produced by traffic, caused 68,000 premature deaths. The Dieselgate scandal exposed how Volkswagen had gamed NO2 emissions tests.
Ozone (O3) killed 16,000 and small particulate matter (PM2.5) caused 436,000 deaths in the same year. PM2.5 particles, microscopic specks of dust and soot caused by burning fossil fuels, can enter the lungs and bloodstream.
Air pollution has different particulate matter (PM) components – smoke, dirt and dust form coarse particles known as PM10 and metals and toxic exhaust from smelting, vehicle exhaust, power plants and refuse burning forming fine particles called PM2.5.
uRADMonitor INDUSTRIAL is equipped with all sensors required to compute the Air Quality Index as defined by several international standards on air quality and give a direct assessment on the pollution problem and possible infringements.

SmartCity projects

Although a new product, it’s impressive features, calibrated sensors and competitive price tag attracted interest and the product found its place in several SmartCity projects already:
CET South Timisoara, Romania
Two uRADMonitor INDUSTRIAL units with LoRaWAN connectivity were installed to monitor plant emissions. Live data is available here.

SmartCity project in Kranj, Slovenia
Five uRADMonitor INDUSTRIAL units were installed in a smartcity project in the city of Kranj, to measure air quality. The units were installed with a backup battery and a metallic shield to protect from sun and rain exposure:

Data demo here.


uRADMonitor INDUSTRIAL was selected as one of the 10 finalists of Hackaday Prize 2017, and one of the 5 finalists for the Best Product competition sponsored by SupplyFrame Inc.

More information including the product datasheet is available in the Product section. For any questions or inquiries, contact us.