SmartCity Implementation in Slovenia

Our uRADMonitor INDUSTRIAL was selected for a Pilot smartcity implementation in Kranj, Slovenia, to complement with Air Quality Monitoring the smart lighting solution implemented by EcoSunLights. Five units with LoRaWAN connectivity where deployed, each in a protective rainproof enclosure with side air vents and a top metallic sun shield: The enclosure holds the uRADMonitor INDUSTRIAL […]


Innovation World Cup 2017/18 Finalist

From new means of connecting developed hardware to ground-breaking technologies, the evolving IoT innovations are contributing to solving thousands of issues that people face in their everyday lives. And this year the IOT/WT Innovation World CupĀ® 2017/18 dived into these opportunities. Your solution is amongst the best 3 percent uRADMonitor is a Finalist at the […]


Air Quality Monitoring over LoraWAN

LoRaWAN is a Low Power Wide Area Network specification intended for wireless communication. The standard provides seamless interoperability of connected objects, without the need for complex installations. End devices can communicate wirelessly with a central server via radio gateways that appear as transparent bridges simply relaying the data. Picture 1: LoraWAN system diagram This opens […]