LoRaWAN is a Low Power Wide Area Network specification intended for wireless communication. The standard provides seamless interoperability of connected objects, without the need for complex installations. End devices can communicate wirelessly with a central server via radio gateways that appear as transparent bridges simply relaying the data.

Picture 1: LoraWAN system diagram

This opens several interesting directions: low power wireless communication, relatively easy infrastructure deployment including high range (up to 15km) radio gateways for good coverage and finally, bandwidths optimised for the low power requirement which are best suited for the remote sensors scenarios. Therefore, LoRaWAN is an excellent connectivity option for smart connected devices.
Picture 2: uRADMonitor A3 with LoraWAN connectivity

Taking advantage of these exciting new wireless technologies, we’ve designed our fourth hardware product with LoRAWAN support. The uRADMonitor A3 is available in several flavours, with the same sensors, but with different connectivity options: Ethernet, Wifi, GSM and LoraWAN. The A3 is an advanced air quality monitoring tool, in a rugged aluminium enclosure, that maps 8 important air parameters with direct impact on our health.
The rich connectivity options provided by uRADMonitor A3, and the inclusion of advanced solutions such as LoraWAN, makes it possible to install the A3 detector virtually anywhere. As a direct result we get environmental monitoring in places that were impossible some time ago, contributing to increasing awareness on pollution, a cleaner environmental and a better quality of life.
Picture 3: uRADMonitor installed in a basement

uRADMonitor model A3 uses the BME680 from Bosch to measure air temperature, barometric pressure, humidity and volatile organic compounds, or VOC. A high quality laser scattering sensor is used to detect the Particulate Matter PM2.5 concentration in air. There is an electrochemical formaldehyde sensor, a nondispersive infrared sensor to measure CO2 concentration in air and a SI29BG Geiger Tube to detect gamma and x-ray ionising radiation. A built in fan assures an active air flow stream across the sensing elements.

Sensor Parameter Minimum value Maximum value
Bosch BME680 Temperature -40 °C +85 °C
Pressure 300 hPa 1100 hPa
Humidity 0% RH 100% RH
VOC 0 mg/m³ 100 mg/m³ reducers
10 mg/m³ oxidizers
Winsen ZH03A PM2.5 0 μg/m³ 1000 μg/m³
Winsen ZE08 Formaldehyde 0 ppm 5 ppm
Winsen MH-Z19B Carbon Dioxide 400 ppm 5000 ppm
SI29BG * γ,x-rays 0.01μSv/h 9999.99μSv/h

To read more on uRADMonitor A3 and the health impact of the measured pollutants, checkout this article.

Picture 4: Multiple LoraWAN uRADMonitor A3 units running

Microchip Romania supported the development of the first uRADMonitor Lora units by facilitating access to the excellent RN2483. Thank you!