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model A3

Installing the “model A3” outdoors

The model A3 is a multi-sensor air quality monitor that tracks environmental parameters relevant both to outdoor and indoor use. For example temperature + pressure + humidity + CO2 + Formaldehyde + VOCs are important when discussing air quality in our homes, while temperature + pressure + humidity + ozone + Particulate Matter PM1/PM2.5/PM10 + […]


The 8th Model A3

8th iteration or HW108 actually means this is the eighth revision of the A3 being produced. It all started with HW100 back in 2016. Each new version brought important updates part of the normal product lifecycle. The latest one answers a tough question on the maintenance effort (both hardware and software). uRADMonitor A3 HW108 motherboard […]


Producing the uRADMonitor A3

The uRADMonitor A3 was first anounced two years ago. During all this time, the product has seen multiple iterations that continuosly improved the hardware. The high number of sensors and the robust design were appreciated among our users. The A3 spread at a fast pace, quickly becoming one of the uRADMonitor most successful designs. To […]


uRADMonitor A3 with GSM connectivity

While a relatively new design, the uRADMonitor A3 accounts for a quarter of the total uRADMonitor network already. Introduced in 2016, it was supported by Orange in several SmartCity implementations. With an impressive number of sensors, the A3 produces highly relevant data to describe air quality in the place where it is installed. There are […]


Uradmonitor Model A3 Firmware Upgrade

Pre-reading The firmware upgrade is rather simple and straight forward; however, I would strongly recommend reviewing the two resources below and watching Dave Jones from EEVBlog video tutorial “Adventures in AVR ISP Programming” as this displays some gotcha that can be avoided due to Dave has documented them very well. Model A firmware upgrade guide Firmware […]


Firmware upgrade for the A3 with Wifi

The uRADMonitor model A, the KIT1 and the model A3 with Ethernet have all taken advantage of various scripts and tools developed by the community which allowed direct data access over their LAN connection. You can see a few of these below: uRADMonitor weather station integration Local stats graph with uRADMonitor RRD Tool graphing Include […]


Air Quality Monitoring over LoraWAN

LoRaWAN is a Low Power Wide Area Network specification intended for wireless communication. The standard provides seamless interoperability of connected objects, without the need for complex installations. End devices can communicate wirelessly with a central server via radio gateways that appear as transparent bridges simply relaying the data. Picture 1: LoraWAN system diagram This opens […]


uRADMonitor Model A3

uRADMonitor Model A3 is a fixed monitoring station designed to measure a total of 8 important parameters related to pollution and air quality, continuing the environmental monitoring direction that was introduced by the Model D. It was first announced in June 2016, initially being deployed in public transportation, marking our company’s first steps towards the […]


uRADMonitor Model A3 to map air pollution

We planned to extend the uRADMonitor network and go from Radiation monitoring to Air pollution and the first steps towards this goal included the uRADMonitor model D detector, capable of tracking multiple environmental parameters. As a continuation of this effort, we’re pleased to announce a new addition to the family of uRADMonitor detectors. Named A3, […]