The model A3 is a multi-sensor air quality monitor that tracks environmental parameters relevant both to outdoor and indoor use. For example temperature + pressure + humidity + CO2 + Formaldehyde + VOCs are important when discussing air quality in our homes, while temperature + pressure + humidity + ozone + Particulate Matter PM1/PM2.5/PM10 + Noise, are of huge importance for monitoring the general environmental quality outdoors (in our cities). There is no clear delimitation between the two categories and this makes the A3 an excellent tool to assert the air quality, given its many sensors and rich capabilities.

model A3 sensors

Installation and Protection from elements

When installed outdoors, the unit must be protected from rain, snow or direct sun exposure. We also recommend installing the “model A3” anywhere between 1 to 4 meter from ground level. The unit’s intake and exhaust ports are not water proof and so the unit is susceptible to water damage if installed unprotected. There are many solutions to this, and here are a few examples:

Bucharest Sector 6 Municipality installed “model A3” units like pictured here. The top right box is a plastic enclosure that contains the uRADMonitor unit. Openings in the bottom sides allow the air to flow but stop the water.
Model A3 in plastic enclosure with side openings installed on traffic light poles in Iasi
Here’s another setup using a metallic enclosure holding the A3. This is a GSM Model A3, so the antenna needed an extension cable to be installed outside the container for proper signal.
A very simple approach, the external enclosure works as a bell shape with the A3 mounted in a large opening at the bottom, aligned with the A3’s intake port. This approach is very similar to the way the SMOGGIE’s enclosure is designed (bell shaped, cables facing down).
uRADMonitor unit installed on a street pole in IOR Park, Bucharest. An external enclosure was used with side and bottom openings, protecting the unit from rain and snow.

And here we’ve saved the best for the end. Any protection can be used, assuming two important requirements are met: 1) There is enough air flow across the uRADMonitor unit: this can be achieved with opposite sides openings like one on each side, or one on a side and one on a bottom . Also the size of the openings is important, the larger the better. 2) No water can get to the uRADMonitor unit.

This being said, a Stevenson shield is the best solution so far, and here is one used with A3 units in Israel:

The best outdoor protection for an A3: a Stevenson shield. Tens of A3 units were installed like this in several cities in Israel.