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    Hi everyone, i go by the nickname of Uaneme.

    I joined the network as a kind of sponsoring funded from advertisement funds that I collected form my websites. My sites are not for profit but hey why not collect a little money on the side and use it to support interesting projects like this one. 🙂

    My home is in the Netherlands and there wasn’t any uRAD monitor near me yet, so the choice was easy to make. Remembering Chernobyl, and not so long ago Fukushima, and seeing how how the official reports where presented by the Government as: “Don’t worrie, you are safe” I’m hoping a project like this will provide humanity a more honest view of the state of this planet.

    Maybe more scary, but at least without corrupt data. Humans deserve to know the truth.

    I hope this project will grow with many more environmental sensors. It would be nice to see this project linked with weather data. And eventually future upgrades with for instance carbon monoxide, magnetic field, toxins that can be measured etc. I hope Radu has the time for that.
    Well, enough options for the future. 🙂


    Hi, I’m Dave B from Aurora, Illinois, USA. I currently run unit 1100008E. I am really excited to be part of this very worthwhile project.

    I work as a Computer Engineer. Although I work mostly with software, I also enjoy Electronics such as PIC programming to understand the “hardware” side of things. I also enjoy building circuits, so this project was of particular interest. I ordered the programmer just in case I need to flash the firmware 🙂 I’m also into Ham Radio too.

    I also am an avid follower of all nuclear events via documentaries. I live near Ottawa Illinois which, in the past, housed a factory that painted dials with Radium Paint. Besides killing many of the women that painted the dials, the town was littered with contamination when the factory was demolished. There’s a video called “Radium City” which is very informative. It’s difficult to tell just how many of these “hot spots” are out there 🙁

    My compliments to Radu on his efforts. This is a great project!

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    Hello Mano , Dave,

    It’s great to see you guys here, and thanks for the nice words!

    I’ll surely do my best to improve things even further, also focusing on alpha radiation and toxic gases with this year’s new HaD project https://hackaday.io/project/4977-portable-environmental-monitor

    But before jumping to new additions it is important to finalise what we have so far. There is a new website under development, that I hope to be able to launch soon.



    My name is Matt and I’m on the South East coast of England. I live in a cliff top location with nothing but sea between me and Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium and France!

    I own and run a small hotel as my day job and have an interest in electronics, programming, Ham radio and renewable energy. I host a range of sensors/receiving units at home including a comprehensive weather station, an AIS receiver (commercial shipping identification so I can tell what boats are passing outside my window) and an APT weather satellite reception system. I also run the STaTBUOY Project and am building data collection buoys that monitor the ocean.

    I would love to host a uRADMonitor and add it to my suite of data collection instruments. Would also be interesting to see how it deals with passing marine traffic in one of the worlds busiest shipping lanes.

    I’m also only 62Km away (directly across the water) from the Grapelines Nuclear Power Plant in France which may be interesting.

    Mads Barnkob

    Hello everyone!

    My name is Mads Barnkob, I live in Odense, Denmark and operate one the first and earliest uRADMonitors. uRADMonitor #11000003 https://www.uradmonitor.com/unit-in-odense-denmark-is-back-online/

    I am primarily interested in high voltage, reverse engineering and experiments that generally involve some kind of either high voltage or high current. I write about my experiments at http://www.kaizerpowerelectronics.dk

    There is no particular reason for me to survey background radiation other than lack of live data for where I live, I absolutely fell in love with Radu’s project and I have a thing for data acquisition / charts. uRADMonitor needs more pie charts!


    Hi Mads, welcome, and great to see you around!


    Hello, everyone!

    wnettles, here, and I just powered up a model A unit in Jacksonville, FL USA. I am also new to blogs and web forums, so, please be kind. You will normally find me submerged in some robot somewhere on Florida’s east coast. You can tell it’s me when you see the souls of my shoes sticking out of the machine!

    Radu was a lot of help and the unit seems to be reporting to the server quite nicely.

    Now, if anyone can tell me how to get my icon to show up at the correct spot on the map, I would appreciate it. Icon appears a bit south of where I am actually located. Don’t know where the data is coming from for this, but, I can give better GPS coordinates, if that would help.

    Anyway, just wanted to shout out for the first time and let yall know that I am out here. First unit in north east Florida (Jacksonville) area! Whoopee!

    Look forward to hearing from yall. Have a great summer!


    Hello from Kuwait
    My name is Waheed. I got the first unit in the Middle East. I didn’t put it outside yet. The temperature in Kuwait reached 52+C. I don’t know if the device withstands such temp.?

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    Hello Waheed, and welcome!

    The units have been tested to function in a -20°C to +60°C temperature interval (-4°F to 140°F).

    Direct sun exposure must be avoided, as that can increase the temperature even further. A metallic shield can be used, to block sunlight but allow air to pass.

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    Welcome Waheed,
    Little bit cooler here in Australia but my unit has been fine between -5°c and around 45°c been running ~11 months now.



    Hi David,

    with all these long term data sets, we should start generating some stats showing the extremes on the long term run 🙂 It seems Waheed has his unit indoors for now, but hopefully he’ll move it outside just to give it some extra exposure.


    Possibly the addition of min/max/avg values for each unit and reading? (temp, cpm, uSv/h)

    24 hour average vs long term average to see if a day is above or below average?

    I’ve got 138,000 entries across different sensors and that’s just since late April. I hate to imagine how large the full uRAD dataset is now :O


    It’s huge …

    I’ll make sure we’ll have more detailed stats, I just need to find a little time to continue my work on the new website.


    Hi guys,

    I’ve sent query regarding making a purchase but I haven’t heard feedback yet. Does anyone know if the admin / main focal who makes these monitors is currently on leave? My email address is christopher.barker@synthotech.co.uk

    Kind regards,



    Hi Chris, thanks for your interest, got your email and will be replying soon, as I’m still caught with a very tight deadline of the uRADMonitor-D enrolled in Hackaday’s #bestproduct competition part of this year’s Hackaday prize.

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