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    Hello everyone! Please introduce yourself to the community, tell us a bit about yourself, your background, and why you’re hosting (or would like to host) a uRADMonitor.

    I’ll go first;

    My name’s Ally, I’m from Scotland but have been living and working in Florida, USA, for the past 5 years.

    I’m running one of the three (current) Orlando units (ID 42000001). My unit is an early model and part of a small test batch which included a barometric pressure sensor.

    By trade, I’m an ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) database developer, data-modeler and Oracle Business Intelligence dude. I’ve contracted with Royal Bank of Scotland, Deutsche Bank at their London Headquarters and with British Telecom, working with databases on the largest employee intranet in Europe.

    I’ve always been fascinated by Science, especially ‘scary’ science, and I love the collaborative aspect of this project – looking forward to ‘meeting’ you all!


    Hi All!

    I’m Ben, from Manchester in the UK. I operate monitor number 11000032.

    I’m a production datacentre engineer by trade but also do electronic & mechanical engineering in my spare time.


    Hi all,

    I’m Radu, I live in Timisoara, Romania. I was trained as a software developer, been doing that for a few years now, focusing mostly on mobile development. Hobby brings me close to electronics and physics.



    I’m Lars from Oslo, Norway. Operator of 11000016. I’m a developer working as linux sysadmin. I’m into all kinds of projects, especially those involving electronics and free software.

    Blog at 0p.no.


    Im Eon, #11000010 from Auckland NZ. IT Security Consultant.


    Laurent Lieben

    Hello all,

    My name’s Laurent, I’m from France but have close ties with Japan as i am involved with the Citizen’s Radiation Monitoring Station (CRMS) which is a NGO created in 2011. http://en.crms-jpn.org/

    My wife and myself helped this project in August 2011 after the Fukushima accident while we were in Japan for summer vacation.

    At that time i also helped relatives to publish data on http://minnade-map.net/ which is a similar project but it’s not based on automatic data upload but user uploaded data. (I may help letting them know about uradmonitor project in the future).

    I’m running unit #11000017. It used to be installed in my office, but i have installed it in our apartment.

    A long time Linux users back in 1993, Open Philosphist who was involved in the Zaurus community some while ago, but still working as an IT guy in charge of different systems throughout the world.

    I bought my device in order to test drive it, but i plan to buy another one when new models will be available, and ship one in the CRMS lab in Tokyo.

    I’m also a safecast bGeigie nano owner, but as i also am the daddy of a 2 1/2 years old son, i didn’t find time to solder it yet.

    Thanks a lot Radu for this great project.



    My name is Daniel, I will run unit #12000015. I’m a holder of a company that renting out servers also hosting webb and email etc. I also working as a project coordinator for a optical fibre installation company. I haven’t received my unit yet but looking forward to make sure that Sweden will be a spot on the map.


    Hi to everyone.

    My name is Richard and I live in the East Midlands in UK. My day job is almost completely unconnected with physics and nuclear science but I have a number of scientific hobbies of which radiation detection and measurement is one.

    I am also handy with soldering iron and have built a number projects including high voltage power supplies for GM tubes and scints, a calibration pulser and various other things. I have assembled and experimented with a number of different GM and gamma scintillation probes.

    I have uRadmonitor # 1200000C which is one of Radu’s earlier units – has onboard temp and voltage sensing but no pressure transducer.



    my name is Joachim and I live in Ulm South Germany. I am running unit #11000022 for several weeks now and it works without any problems. At the beginning there was an issue with the router which did not establish a connection to Internet for the uradmonitor. Changing physical LAN-ports solved the problem, although the reason for not working properly is still unknown.

    As we have a nuclear power plant close to Ulm, it is interesting to see if any radiation escapes to environment and hopefully the monitor will indicate.


    Greetings All,
    my name is Paul and I live in The Republic of Ireland.
    I’m a husband and a dad to one son. Since Fukushima I have been interested in monitoring environmental radiation levels.I found out about the uRADMonitor
    network on hackaday .
    I think this is fantastic grassroots project and this will be the start of a great site.I believe Radu should be commended for bringing his idea to us and
    giving people a way to get unbiased data .
    I run unit #11000038 and I installed the unit with no issues …..its been
    running like a champ ever since.



    I’m Newton from Decatur, GA in southeastern US. I am running unit #1100002A which was gifted to me by a fellow Amateur Radio operator (HAM), N4BFR. My call sign is N4EWT. I am interested in grabbing the radiation data periodically and broadcasting the telemetry to other Hams in the nearby area.

    I am a flavor chemist with a major soft drink company and dabble in computers and radio kits and like to solder. I am interested in many science/tech areas.



    Hi everybody,

    I’m Martin from France, near Pays de la Loire (remember white wine, you are close to my place!).

    I’m a former Network guru (I did Wi-Fi legalize in France in 2002), and by now I am enjoying life between my favorites jobs: extreme photographer (rope access on national heritage and archeologist mission in desert), pyrotechnician (firework making) and hardware/low level design/hacking.

    I joined urad network as we are living close to a Nuclear Power Plant (Chinon), and realize how things are really going inside theses places. I met a lot off nuclear workers, and they all told me the same thing: dozen of contractors without knowledge and partial overhaul maintenance. I even heard about leaks that are communicated months after, just to keep tourists in our region…

    This network is a good way to have an independent monitoring tool, who can alert people and ONG (like French’s Criirad) about real risks.

    BTW, I run unit #11000018!

    Anthony Reinking

    Hey all, I’m Anthony from the US I live in Georgia and South Carolina.
    I will be installing my newly received monitor in South Carolina in about 2 weeks.

    I’m an all around geek and have been in the IT biz for about 25 years.

    I am in the process of automating everything in my life and hope my data input will help this network to grow…


    Hi all,

    G’Day from Australia, only the second unit online in the state of NSW, unit #1100002f

    All round geek guy, I work with computers these days but I’ve previously been a repair man at Tandy/Radio Shack and other electronic enterprises, also a moderately active ham, n00b astronomer, and general tinkerer with electrons and photons 🙂


    de VK2XAX


    Hello Urad Forum members, and thanks to Radu for this forum and network. I’m Craig Daniels, located very near the (USA) Oregon coast.

    I maintain a portable monitoring stations (for two beach locations) and a fixed outdoor station with a buried cable to it in an open area of our property.

    A dozen of us have been manually posting data to the RadView site:
    > http://radviews.com/map/
    –but I seem to be just talking to myself in their Forums.

    I previously posted automatically to “Radiation Network”:
    > http://www.radiationnetwork.com/
    –but I had to leave them when I gave up my expensive Internet service provider for a 3G/4G data capped plan instead.

    * Which means I can’t be posting data to the map here either, of course, but I can at least salute your fine efforts –and make suggestions from time to time.


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