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    Hi unit users,

    I’m Peter from Germany. I am running the fifth unit #11000026 in Germany and i live between 2 nuclear stations in a 50km radius. Only one of them is active.

    We in Germany has learned about the accident of fukushima. So the politicians has shut down older nuclear stations. To control this, i like the idea of a free nuclear measuring lan network.

    Much thanks to Radu for his idea, this forum and this working network. It is cool to saw the radioactivity all over the world. I’m an electronic and it engineer.

    I love hot technology such as Radu made.



    Hello all,

    My name is Kevin Palivec and I live in the middle of Texas near Abilene.

    I’m a network engineer for a large doctors group in abilene and manage the routing, wifi, firewalls, servers and whatnot. I’ve always been interested in all things electronic/scientific!
    I love messing around with arduino, raspberry pi and any other device you can control via electronics.
    I built a little arduino based Geiger counter for fun and that’s how I found Radu’s project. I wanted to be a part! I also feed data to several other online projects. I have a streaming VLF radio that monitors low freq natural radio. I run a several sprite /lightning cameras and a couple of all sky meteor cameras.
    Basicly I’m a data junkie!!!


    Hello all,

    I’m Sam from Paisley, Scotland – I’m hosting uRADMonitor #12000029, although due to a fault with it’s crystal it’s currently not recording the correct radiation (replacement part has been ordered!)

    I work as a Train Driver, although have an IT background and currently self teaching myself electronics.

    Look forward to watching and analysing the network as it expands further.


    Hi there,

    this is Rafaล‚ from Warsaw, Poland, unit #1200001C. Just want to say hi to all of you. I’ve installed the device very recently and confirmed it’s reading with a hand-held Geiger meter.

    I’m from the generation hit by Chernobyl explosion. When I was in 5th grade the disaster happened and only few days later we were informed about it by the state-run news programme, although some parents knew about Chernobyl earlier — they’ve listened to Radio Free Europe news. Nevertheless, I was forced to drink Lugol’s iodine every day for a week or two as a “precaution” and I can tell you: it doesn’t taste good.

    Yet, we managed to survive. 8^) Poland is still atom-free zone, but it’s good to know that we’re safe still and has been for the last 28 years.



    im erik from norway. i got the unit #11000013 i do lots off hardware stuff and software in the spare time.

    Andrei H


    My name is Andrei and I am the owner of #1100002C in Bucharest.

    Currently I work a lot with Windows server and I have my projects on hold. I am interested in electronics and in alternative input interfaces and I was working on a project that involved using a EEG machine to control a virtual keyboard.

    Mostly now I play computer games and sit around feeling sorry for myself ๐Ÿ™‚


    Hi All,

    I’m Michael and now operate monitor number 1200004D here in NRW, Germany. I’ve heard about uRadMonitor through the EEVBlog.

    Around 50 km south is the . This junk reactor from 1961(!) has to be dismantled in the coming decades. But there are countless problems with it…

    As a lifelong electronics hobbyist I made my hobby into a profession and studied electrical engineering and computer science.
    In my very little free time I love to build, hack and repair things. I would also like to see the uRadMonitor as an open hardware project. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    My little laboratory.


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    Now that’s a very nice workspace!


    Thanks! It’s grown over the years. But it’s only several days per year not messy ;).

    Since I am 5 years old I fiddle around with electronics. But in the beginning I had no idea what it was. My father gave me some parts and a breadboard and a 4.5V battery. I build up strange things beside him until he build up “real serious” things on his breadboard. The first LEDs and 7-segment displays are my favorites. Most of the stuff I blew up. I remember connecting all pins from a 4011 CMOS on one side to plus and all on the other over LEDs to minus. Those were the days… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    BTW: I can’t longer edit my previous post so I must correct it here. I meant 25 km south not 50. Sorry.



    I’m David and run unit just north of Melbourne, Australia.

    Currently working a a computer/network technician and have a interest in home automation.
    Hoping to build up a weather station soon as well to be able to match data from the uRAD up with rainfall, wind conditions, temp, humidity, etc.


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    Hi, I’m Steve and have unit 11000061 West of Melbourne Australia.

    David, I have a weather station up and running on a Raspberry Pi 2 and hope to one day learn enough Python to be able to parse the json data, store it and be able to display in in WeeWx along with my weather data too. (But I’m still on chapter 1 of learning Python ๐Ÿ™‚ )


    Hi, I decided to join the uRADMonitor network. I have a unit being shipped right now.

    I currently work in a 1198MWe BWR nuclear power plant as a systems engineer. Surprisingly, one of the systems I am the engineer for is process radiation monitors / area radiation monitors. I am also a member of the emergency response team where I am a dose assessor.

    I have been following the uRADMonitor project since it was first introduced. I feel that it was appropriate to join since I do things like this as my profession. By degree, I am a computer engineer, which is why I am excited about this project. It combines both of my interests in one device.

    I look forward to setting up my radiation monitor and contributing help to the community.


    Welcome wiretap, and looking forward to your feedback once you get your unit.


    Good to have people with nuclear and physics background. That helps with creadability, and allows more people to test and validate accuracy and reliability of the device.

    Units #11000070 and #11000063 checking in from Zurich, Switzerland.

    Anyway, my name is Witek and I am from Switzerland.

    I was born in Poland, and lived there for 25 years. I was actually 5 months old and lived close to German/Poland border in 1986, when Charnobyl disaster happened. Eventually I studied theoretical physics, and computer science. I am big fan of nuclear energy, and research in fission and fussion reactors. And history of nuclear weapons and civial energy use. I worked a little with radioactive materials and radiation during my studies, and have few friends which are more involded in nuclear physics than me.

    Right now I live in Zurich, Switzerland, and work as a software and system engingeer here for a software/internet company. In free time I do electronics and stuff.

    Joined the network, to experiment a bit more with radiation monitoring, educate myself about background radiation and its variation across space and time. ๐Ÿ™‚ And to help build a better network coverage. It is beneficial for everybody to grow the network around the world. There were no units in Switzerland at the time, so ordered the units. And now they are online. It looks now there are some units in Switzerland, but I am the only one in Zurich for now.

    There is lots of Nuclear reactor facilities nearby, in Switzerland (power plants mostly; 5 commerical ones still operating, and few more decommisioned or for research), France (a lot) and Germany (also a lot). But also lots of research and medical facilities (like CERN close to Geneva) dealing with radiation. So this is kind of nice crowdsourced early detection system, which in some situations could be more reliable, faster and trustworthy than goverment issued data.

    The closest nuclear power plants, is a Kernkraftwerk Beznau about 100 km from Zurich. It have two reactors, 365 MW each. It is a PWR design from the middle of 60s, with power plants started in 1969 for first reactor, and 1972 for second reactor. So this thing is old in its core design.

    Swiss federal goverment decided between 2011 and 2013 (after Fukushima disaster) to phase out nuclear power in Switzerland. (Switzerland is using and even selling a lot of hydro electric power). First power plant will be shut down in 2019, and the last in 2034. So, this things are getting older and older, and as much as I like nuclear power plants, these things are not perfectly safe. I think number of small and medium accidents with them will grow over time.

    My plan is to write some local software to do some local data monitoring, even if internet or uradmonitor servers are out. And do some fancy analysis maybe on them, and send notifcation about significant changes in the data. Maybe get some more types of sensors and create some environmental monitoring station too, for home or outside.

    Radhoo was very helpful with setting up and fixing one of my units. I really like this project.


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    Hi Everyone,

    I am Robert Heffernan, I have unit #11000088, just coming online in Albury NSW, Australia. Going to put my dot on the main highway between Sydney and Melbourne on the map.

    I am 35, I am the Team Leader of the IT Department at a Superannuation Administrator (We manage retirement/pension funds) responsible for systems integration and external API development. I can’t say how much money I am responsible for but it’s over a Billion AU$

    I have an extensive history in IT, Network Admin, Development and in a previous career path I was a CNC machine operator at an Automotive Transmission manufacturer and a Laser Cutter & CNC Metal Press operator at a general engineering company.

    I have been programming since I was 5 years old and cut my teeth on the C64. I have been tearing apart electronics for just about as long.

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