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    @Scherheinz sweet setup you got there!

    @Keld Norman congrats on the excellent installation, right by the book!


    Thank you. The network signal must overcome a distance of 35m and through 2 thick walls. From time to time it is necessary to make a reconnect automatically, your new update helps!


    Excellent! Really happy to hear that


    Hi all,

    i finished the device with a lot of Problems but now it works well in Germany.
    We tested a lot of transistors from different sources. The best Voltage/Duty ratio, we got it with the transistor (T2)
    BF 299 :: Transistor HF NPN TO-92 300V 0,1A 0,625W
    L-XHBCC 2,2M :: Festinduktivität, axial, XHBCC, Ferrit, 2,2 mH
    (Low Voltage Problem)

    The second possibility is the modified firmware from radhoo (via Mail)


    Welcome Jon! Drop an eye on the latest open source firmware for the KIT1, it allows you to add more sensors , like the BME280. There is software support for that included already.


    Hello Guys,
    My name is Serge, I am a Captain on ocean going tugs, have a small hobby being ham radio (callsign UR5FSV).
    Recently have assembled and installed unit #51000058 in Odessa, Ukraine. Monitor temporary located indoors.
    Best regards,


    Welcome Captain! And congrats on running the first Ukrainian uradmonitor unit!


    Hi, Found this all very interesting and would like to learn more. Location UK travel the length of the country and find subject both interesting and worrying tbh.



    Welcome @mojocvh !


    My interest in nuclear matter have come from family links with Japan and the event of Fukushima.
    It was in 2011. Since then I discover a world of the unseen
    X-Ray, Gamma Ray, Alpha and beta, the spectrometry, the photon, wavelenght, energy, KVe, MeV, etc…
    Radiodetection become a hobby to check by myself the radioactive background activity.
    When I discover Radhoo’s project, I immediately participate by purchasing a unit and becoming part of the network.
    I check the site quite often to look a the map.
    It is sometime surprising, like in last october (screen capture)
    The record high was in september with a pic of 15µSv/h…?
    For those readings, I have no answer. A malfunction ? A real boost of gamma ?
    I chek also a detector Unit 5100005C in Le Lieu, CH. It have always high readings and the graphic makes unusual curve…
    Might be due to the proximity CERN colider ?
    Cannot wait to get the mobile model D.
    Have a good desintegration day


    Hi, I’m Pia and I live in NW Uruguay. There are no nuclear facilities here, but Argentina has a couple of plants. You can see the map and information on wind related to my location here: http://caferadlab.com/thread-1859.html and information about other radiation monitors here: http://caferadlab.com/forum-49.html – Am super glad to be able to send data for Uruguay to uradmonitor and I Love how easy it to set up the uradmonitor system!

    I began following the Fukushima situation in March 2011 and I was involved with SoNoMoreAtomics in the early 80’s (before Chernobyl blew up) so I was aware that Fukushima was going to be a true horror. I have been looking for and sharing nuclear news since then in twitter https://twitter.com/Cecalli_Helper and at CafeRadLab.com – I had an SEI rad detector but wasn’t thrilled about it not being hooked up to data site like uradmonitor and I didn’t feel technically competent in setting it up as a station to send data to others like netc.com.

    I learned about Radu through a friend at CafeRadLab and I helped support him in the Chivas Venture. Radu is why I am here.


    Forgot to note that I have the monitor outside, three feet above the ground and attached to a corner post of the house under a balcony – it’s a breezy space protected from the rain and is on the SW corner of the house. Unit number is: 110000F7 (currently showing up in China, soon to be in Uruguay) < ( __ ) >


    Welcome Pia! Great to see Uruguay on the map, thanks for your efforts on this!


    Great to be here, Radu! Thanks for bringing me in. 🙂

    13 April – Thank you, Radu for all you do and for granting me moderator status. I’m humbled and will endeavor to learn more about the technical aspects of your products so I can be of more help.



    Mike from Auckland, NZ. I’m the now proud owner of unit 8200006E (model A3) that has just come online. Background is software dev and in spare time anything to do with gadgets and home automation. I’ve been having fun recently building up as many sensors as I can from the standard weather and home automation ones to lightning, earthquake, pool ph/tds/orp/temp, ADS-B for flight tracking and now the collection of sensors now online from the A3. Not sure what I’ll go for next.


Viewing 15 posts - 61 through 75 (of 99 total)
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