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    Hi all,

    Just signed up and will be purchasing a Model A unit soon. I’m UK based and interested in background radiation mapping, this product and community seems a great way to start.

    Once I’m up and running I’ll be happy to share some automation scripts I’m working on to scrape data, batch it up and send notifications/alerts via email and mobile apps like telegram with no hand-holding needed.

    I run a little SBC farm and love finding new jobs for them to do for me!


    @sbcfarm welcome! Last 4 model A’s are still available. Would really love to see your scripts!


    Am și eu o întrebare: numărul 67 afișat în imaginea din attachement, semnifică concentrația de 67mg particule PM 2,5? Dar cifra 9 din stânga, ce vrasăzică?

    Cristi N

    Hi guys,

    Cristi here, electronics engineer, born in ’90, living for 10 years in Bucharest, Romania.

    I’ve just installed one of the first Smoggie sensors on the exterior of an apartment block at the 9’th floor. For now the main target was to have a solid mount not the most beautiful one. I hope to relocate it in one or two months and then the fixture will be upgraded. I’ve made a small improvement by adding a short PVC pipe to the existing piece in order to protect the sensor in case of heavy rain.

    Here you can find the unit: 1600000A


    Hi, I am Johan and I own 1100005B (Model A) and 16000025 (Smoggie). I live in the Netherlands. Detection and measurements is one of my hobbies. I own several geiger counters, have a gamma spectrometry setup and mess a bit with electronics and recently, 3d printing.

    I run http://www.dynode.nl which has a collection of articles on radiation detection and I set up the FB group Radiation Nuts for anyone interested in radiation detection.


    Hi all,

    I’m Sean from Dresden in Germany, I am British but have lived here for 28 years.
    I am a machine Technician and work for a start-up company called Heliatek. http://www.heliatek.com “The Future is Light”
    The company produces solar cell modules made with organic materials.
    My machine is an R&D machine, there is only one ever made !
    I’m running the Industrial model: 14000089

    It would be great to hear from you !

    Cheers Sean

Viewing 6 posts - 91 through 96 (of 96 total)
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