The purpose of the Dashboard is to offer an interface to the uRADMonitor system, the global data and the uRADMonitor detectors.

Dashboard presentation
Using the Dashboard, you can see your connected units, add them to your account and manage them further. This includes changing the coordinates of your uRADMonitor unit on the map, either for better privacy or for better accuracy.
The dashboard is also the starting place for instructions on how to use the public API to extract json formatted data. For this, each user is given a user ID, and a secret key. Keep this details private, as they identify your data access across the uRADMonitor network. The API is both for getting global environmental data, but also for injecting data in case you’ve built your own open source detector.

The DATA tab
The DATA tab can be used to download datasets in CSV format. This way you can import them to your processing software. Here’s an example where a PM10 dataset is imported in Excel to create a chart to visualize the data:

Finally, the dashboard lets you set notifications for when certain measured parameters are reached. It can be parameters related to your own uRADMonitor unit, or any other unit in the network. Set the thresholds and get an instant notification on your phone or via email.

Some of these features were requested by the community, on the uRADMonitor Forum.