The Easy Smoggie Firmware guide

The initial article about Smoggie firmware upgrade uses a Python script to install the firmware. This can be too much for the usual Joe user, so here is, I hope, a simpler way. What do we need?1. Smoggie hardware. (Smoggie-PM, Smoggie-CO2, and Smoggie-Gas)2. The provided USB cable + a Windows-running computer.3. The new firmware. For […]


Frontend / Site v6.0

A new frontend update was recently deployed, following the 5.0 back in 2017. There were two major requirements for this change: one was to make the data access easier and the second, to improve the rendering on mobile devices. These new features were strongly requested by the community, but also by independent reviewers like Electronza. […]


The Dashboard

The purpose of the Dashboard is to offer an interface to the uRADMonitor system, the global data and the uRADMonitor detectors. Dashboard presentation Using the Dashboard, you can see your connected units, add them to your account and manage them further. This includes changing the coordinates of your uRADMonitor unit on the map, either for […]