For the second time at the Mobile World Congress, uRADMonitor now participated as a finalist of the LoRaWAN™ Challenge.
The event took place on Tuesday, the second day of the MWC week. uRADMonitor was presented in front of an audience of IoT professionals including representatives from the LoRa Alliance™, Semtech, STMicroelectronics, EBV Elektronik and others.

Some of the Innovation World Cup finalists and winners

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to WT | Wearable Technologies – the organizers of this event.

The big show

MWC is also about getting a glimpse on the next big changes in the tech market. New products, new trends and major players are all comming together to this event.

MWC Location at Fira Gran Via, Barcelona

The Huawei stand, occupying almost half of an entire hall

The technology

There were so many amazing things to see, ranging from innovative low power + high performance processors (eg. The Intel Movidius processors), focused 5G RF beams, IOT gadgets of all shapes and roles as well as many components for the new technologies entering the market (LTM Modems, other RF Data Modems, etc).

Highly directional / focused RF beam

Various RF Modules. We might see some of these in future uRADMonitor products

Advanced Wifi analytics

Movidius high performace, low power processor

Last but not least, there was the glytering stuff as fell, in the form of fancy new phones (Samsung S9) , VR gadges and other consumer products.

The Samsung S9

VR Games

The Romanian Pavilion

It was a place to meet friends from some of the companies that participated last year at CeBIT 2017. ARIES-TM took good care of organising the Romanian Pavilion at MWC, and things turned out really great.

Radu Motisan with his Innovation World Cup Diploma and Daniel Giurea, president of Aries-TM, at MWC

Orange FAB startups

It was amazing to meet fellow participants to the Orange FAB program. Here’s BOX2M, a startup from Bucharest. Their presentation stand was collocated with the big Orange pavilion – a fancy space and an interesting display.

With Alex Gliga, CEO of Box2M

The uRADMonitor devices

Surely, some of the existing uRADMonitor devices were present at MWC. During the flight, a model D unit recorded all parameters, including aircraft location, speed, altitude and ionising radiation levels. This was interesting, as despite the missing internet connectivity, the SDCARD held all data until a connection became available upon landing.

uRADMonitor model D showing elevated radiation levels at above 10km altitude during flight

The onboard GPS module functioned perfectly, including at altitudes above 10000meters. The Ionising radiation would raise with altitude, since the rarefied air would let the cosmic radiation pass unobstructed.

uRADMonitor model D flight data

The model A3 got an even better exposure since it was presented during the LoRaWAN™ Challenge pitch, see the video at the begining of the post.

Model A3 at MWC 2018

Bottom line

This was a chance to meet existing partners, identify new suppliers and expand the ongoing partnerships.

LoRaWAN modems supplier

Will certainly be looking forward to the next editions of this impressive event.