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    I don’t have the tools capable of writing new firmware to the device.

    Once you’re satisfied that it’s stable, is it possible to have the unit sent back to you to be updated?

    Or is there anyone in Australia who might be able to assist?

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    Radu Motisan

    We can go for whatever option suits you best, but changing the firmware is not a complicated thing. You need a programmer like indicated by me or Mike in this topic, and the software. This takes max. 10minutes . Shipping it back and forth will take 1-2 months.

    EDIT: Btw, I am writing an article on the blog to provide some instructions on how to update the firmware. Photos and step-by-step instructions, it should be ready the next few hours.

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    Hi Radhoo,

    any chances of getting the new firmware to have local network access to the reading?
    I’ve looked in the blog, but couldn’t see the firmware upgrade instructions.




    Radu Motisan

    Sure, I will provide it to all those interested. I just need some time to setup everything, but will let you guys now when it’s all done (a few days).



    Hi, I finally got my 3.3V capable USBASP clone, is there a walk-through / explanation url on how to update the firmware ?


    Radu Motisan

    I’ll write a quick article the next few hours and get back with the link.


    Radu Motisan

    Here is a quick guide on how to upgrade the firmware: https://www.uradmonitor.com/firmware-upgrade-guide/



    Thank you so much !



    Firmware successfully Updated o/

    uRADMonitor 120000xx
    type:1 hw:108 sw:110 SI-29BG

    I have been super extra careful to test, test and retest the polarity of the USBAsp connector before connecting the dongle to my computer, as I really didn’t to fry anything (and the Chinese spin-off can’t really be trusted to be the same way than the one pictured in the documentation). I made sure that the ground goes from the USB connector up to the uRADMonitor Board, Then connected the USBAsp, installed the driver, launched a cmd as Administrator and launched the flash procedure. All went well, and I can now read the values directly from the HTTP running on the device.

    Thank you a lot Radhoo



    And here are the first few hours of local statistics :

    Count per minute RRD

    If anybody is interested I can post my (very crude) bash script to generate this.


    Radu Motisan

    Nice going, and I think we’d all love to see / have your script, your local stats look awesome!



    I went the alternate route and updated mine using a Teensy 3.1 (which runs at 3.3v) and ArduinoISP :).

    Teensy programming uRADMonitor

    If anyone else has a 3.3v Arduino (or clone) and wants to give it a go I’ve put some details of the process on my blog.


    Radu Motisan

    Two very nice articles presenting detailed howtos on how to upgrade the firmware, by BB and Pixel K:

    Howto upgrade your uRADMonitor and graph local statistics

    Also posted on https://www.facebook.com/uRADMonitor/

    Well done guys! If anyone wondered how to do this upgrade I’m sure they have all the details in place.



    Ive upgraded my unit. upgrade went smoothly. only takes a few seconds!
    I spent more time making sure I had the plug inserted correctly than I did actually doing the firmware update.

    I used a usb programmer from http://www.batemcu.cn
    it’s a 3.3v unit that has a resistor you can remove to convert to 5V if needed.
    Works without any modifications and it was only $2


    Radu Motisan

    oops! I think that is a 5V unit and removing the resistor converts it to 3.3V , can you verify it with a multimeter?

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