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    Updated the firmware on mine about 5 days ago without an issue and has been running stable ever since 🙂

    Halon where about in Australia are you?
    I’m in Melbourne and would be happy to flash yours for you if you are unable to.

    I have attached a picture of the programmer I used was ~$3 on eBay.

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    Firmware v111 is now available, see: https://www.uradmonitor.com/new-firmware-v111/


    I’ve upgraded to v111.

    I’m using the JSON interface to pull uRad data into my HomeSeer Home Automation system – I poll the JSON interface once a minute. I’m working on setting up email alarms when the Radiation level rises above normal. I also have the data available for display on my iPhone via the Home Automation system.


    That is some great stuff you did there, Rick!

    If you are in the mood for writing a short article, you could present your Home automation system on the blog, I’m sure many would be interested in reading about it.

    I believe your account is already setup for blog access.


    Having received firmware upgrade 110 in late January I finally got round to installing it tonight. I’ve got an Atmel STK500 development kit which was used for the upgrade together with Atmel Studio 6.2 running on a winxp machine.

    The hardest part was, as others have noted, convincing myself that I understood the correct orientation for the cable between the STK500 and the urad-monitor. To confirm the correct orientation, before connecting the programming cable, the unit was powered up using its normal 5V supply and then the voltages checked on the ISP pins on the pcb.

    Following this, and again without a connection between the unit and the programmer, the programmer settings were adjusted to suit the job in hand.

    Board Settings

    With the target voltages set, the unit can be connected to the programmer and the device information read using the programmer.

    Device Information

    The final step is to write to the unit.

    Writing firmware

    All went according to plan with the unit back on line.

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    Updated mini unit (#18) today.

    I was using a cheap USBasp from China (Model betemcu.cn), and I desoldered a CMS resitor to have 3.3V.

    Cheap USBasp from bitemcu.cn

    For those having communication troubles (USBasp appear to be incorrectly working), there is a fix. There is 220 Ohms resistors between SPI lines that sometime broke connection. Just remove them. See this post (with image): http://www.rc-cam.com/forum/index.php?/topic/3827-er9x-hacks/?p=27092

    I did the upgrade on a Mac Os (hackintosh), using CrossPack fro AVR (the one featured in Radu article).

    Everything went good, and I have a nice and powerful unit with JSON reading! 😀

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    Well, I took my chances and connected a 5V usbasp to one of my boards. It survived and the upgrade was successful. Still, this is not recommended since the enc28j60 module is rated for 3.3V only.


    From where do we get a newest firmware for our unit?


    Send me an email and please include your unit’s details. I will compile it for you and mail back.

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