uRADMonitor participated as an exhibitor to the ASIC 2018 conference in Oakland, California. The event brought together government agencies, researchers, industry members, community scientists and educators to facilitate research on the scientific, engineering, health, social and economic aspects of gaseous and particulate atmospheric pollutants. And it successfully achieved its mission.

Dense participation to the ASIC Conference

The uRADMonitor booth presented our products focusing on the new uRADMonitor A3, the iteration HW106, that removes the SI29BG geiger tube to make room for a new electrochemical Ozone sensor. With this major change the A3 becomes a device exclusively oriented towards air quality monitoring. There are tens of new features in the new iteration that will be officially announced soon.

The new uRADMonitor A3 was showcased at ASIC

The new device was of interest to the booth visitors and they could also see a live demo with one of the devices transmitting data in real time.

Visitors learning about the exciting new uRADMonitor features

Radu Motisan talking about the new A3 in a video that will be part of an upcoming film on Air Quality Awareness

The amount of content on Air Quality related topics was astonishing. There were dozens of low cost products, new sensors and many research papers on exciting new approaches to the current problems.

Poster on one of the EPA projects

Compact black carbon sensor

The posters and the other materials are available online with a lot of useful content. You can find them on the ASIC webpage.
It was great to meet the competition and put a face on the known names. The AQMesh team brought their impressive air quality detector designed for automated and unattended outdoor use.

uRADMonitor and AQMesh CEOs together

Aeroqual was one of the ASIC 2018 sponsors

In this pool of innovation, it was pleasing to see how uRADMonitor relates to the other solutions. It was hard to deny that we stand on a top position in the list in terms of sensors quality, rich features and complexity, while maintaining a truly low cost. Besides the new uRADMonitor A3, we also presented the uRADMonitor AIR, the first Air Quality Monitoring wearable. With the BME680 VOC sensor from Bosch and the Plantower PM2.5 sensor, it was comparable to bigger units present at the conference. The compact and innovative design attracted a lot of interest:

Radu presenting the Air Quality Wearable that uses the Bosch BME680 and the Plantower PMS7003

For some added excitement, we decided to take part in the raffle put together by the organizers, and we donated two uRADMonitor A3 units, the new iteration. These were our demo units so the lucky owners could only receive them on the last day of the conference.

Winner of one of the two uRADMonitor A3 units donated to the raffle

Our lucky winner and his A3 unit

The variety of contacts and the quality of information exchanged certainly placed ASIC high in terms of the fair performance. On one hand it was perfectly aligned with the uRADMonitor market, but on the other hand the combination of participants from government, research and industry fields contributed to significant added value. We also met the AQSPEC team and finalized the last details before the batches of uRADMonitor A3 and uRADMonitor INDUSTRIAL will enter the testing procedure at the AQMD facilities in California. These two models will soon be evaluated for performance with collocation tests to governmental reference stations.

Brandon of AQSPEC with Dorin and Radu of uRADMonitor

Thanks to the organizers, UC Davis and all of their partners who made this event possible. It was more than just a success, it was a benchmark for everything that air quality monitoring technology means.