The uRADMonitor network reached 1k units worldwide back in September 2018 during the ASIC conference in Oakland US. It was becoming clear that Air Quality monitoring is a major concern with various implementations happening thanks to recent advancements in sensors and IOT technologies. Our portfolio of products already covered multiple scenarios both in terms of sensors (ranging from particulates up to various chemicals) but also of connectivity (where we support Wifi, GPRS, LoRaWAN, BLE or Ethernet), in a huge effort to map air quality worldwide. But this effort is not only about the hardware, but more about the data. We need more data, and we need it in places where people can’t afford expensive detectors:

We addressed this problem back in 2018 with our second indieGogo campaign and while the results were promising, this was far from offering a permanent solution. So instead, we looked on ways of lowering the hardware costs to encourage mass adoption, increase awareness and generate more air quality data!

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Smoggie: an ultra low cost high performance Air Quality Monitor, with Wifi connectivity and a laser scattering sensor that measures Particulate Matter PM1, PM2.5 and PM10 and makes it available on your phone or laptop in real time:

uRADMonitor SMOGGIE is a compact automated Air Quality Monitor


SMOGGIE is an automated, fixed, Air Quality monitoring station. It has Wifi connectivity to send the air quality measurements to the uRADMonitor Cloud in real time. It needs 5V to run, powered by a standard micro-USB cable. This unit doesn’t have a screen, it works as a monitor and the data can be viewed remotely on a computer or on a mobile device.

SensorParameterMinimum valueMaximum value
Bosch BME280Temperature-40 °C+85 °C
 Pressure300 hPa1100 hPa
 Humidity0% RH100% RH
Plantower PMSA003PM1.00 μg/m³1000 μg/m³
 PM2.50 μg/m³1000 μg/m³
 PM100 μg/m³1000 μg/m³

To see complete specs see the technical datasheet on the product page.

Health impact

uRADMonitor fights pollution to improve our health

Many of the pollutants measured by SMOGGIE can have a negative impact on our health, ranging from simple allergies to various cancers. Therefore the data gathered by this device is valuable for our understanding on the quality of our environment.

Particulate matter PM2.5 refers to small particles with a diameter of up to 2.5 microns. These particles can penetrate
deep into the lungs , causing allergies, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases: Health and Environmental Effects of Particulate Matter (PM), US Environmental Protection Agency

Product features

SMOGGIE is designed as an automated, fixed, Air Quality monitoring station. SMOGGIE is IOT and so it comes with built-in Wifi connectivity. It needs 5V to run, supplied via a standard micro-USB cable.
The units can be managed via the dashboard. The data can be viewed remotely on a computer or on a mobile device.

VoltageExternal5V micro-USB
MicrocontrollerESP82668 bit
EnclosureRainproof plastic90x70x34 mm

Low cost product ships worldwide?

When selling a low cost product, like the Smoggie, shipping can be problematic. You can have a low cost product but when sending it across the world, prices may raise to a point where the final costs become prohibitive. 

Luckily, things eventually settled down on a solution that works for us. Like it happened with Bosch Sensortec and Orange in the past, another big company gave us a hand at the right moment. Smoggies will be shipped out to your doorstep in partnership with DHL ! Thanks to their support, we signed a contract and will give you convenient Express shipping options for all the uRADMonitor products, regardless of your location!

Is innovation possible in a logistics company like DHL? I’d say yes: in a time where everything evolves but people are still separated by real world distances, solving the delivery problem at convenient prices is the ingredient that glues all the rest together: high tech, electronics, IOT Air Quality Monitors or anything else from clothing to food.

uRADMonitor products delivered by DHL