I was in the Bay Area for the ASIC Conference where uRADMonitor participated as an exhibitor. This came just a few days after the Environmental Monitoring Hack Chat that I hosted thanks to the kind invitation of Sophi Kravitz from Hackaday. Talking with Sophi I told her about my upcoming trip to the States and she suggested I should do a talk at the thirty-third gathering of the Hardware Developers Didactic Galactic, organised at the Supplyframe San Francisco Office. That was great because I wanted to meet these awesome guys again, after last seeing them at the Hackaday Superconference in 2015

Then and now, again with part of the Hackaday team

Sophi, Jasmine and Radu

My talk was about how the uRADMonitor project started, about the obstacles down the road and how perseverence and the community helped to move on to first have a working prototype, then 10 units, then 100 and finally reaching 1000 a few days ago, right after all the second indieGogo campaign units were shipped. If I was to build a list of all the people that helped, it would take me a lot of time and many pages to hold all the names. Some of them are still there, some are not, life follows its path. I am greatful to all of them.

The first uRADMonitor unit

Hackaday was close from the begining making this meetup and its topic so dear to me. The uRADMonitor project expanded:

Real rendering of the uRADMonitor network that reached 1000 units in 2018 deployed globally

The meetup video is available on youtube with a story on how a hobby was turned into a full scale product, or call it simple “from DIY to the first 100”. Give it a go to see all the other details that didn’t fit in this article, or check out Bradley Ramsey’s nice write up on Medium, thanks Brad.

HDDG 33 San Francisco, Radu talking about transforming a Hobby into a Full-Scale Product