The uRADMonitor model D was the first to go beyond detecting only ionising radiation, by adding various air parameters to the list of monitored values. Now a single handheld device contains enough sensory to assert a large interval of environmental parameters and identify pollution factors. One of the air sensors is the BME680: a low size, low power high quality sensor from Bosch, that delivers impressive performance.
Bosch, the known manufacturer behind the BME680 sensor, has recently written an article on the uRADMonitor, presenting some of the key elements of our design:

a device, which would increase the quality of everyone’s environment, at home, at the workplace, everywhere. A device, which would help to increase everyone’s well-being, something that would simply makes our lives better and which would fight air pollution on a global scale

Thanks, Bosch, for the thumbs up and the excellent work you are doing!