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    henk harms

    Hey Wayne,

    Henk here, I am just a few clicks down the road (Dayboro).

    I experience similar, the humidity, for example, is 20% off. Personally, I am not too worried about it at the moment and I write it off based upon the sensor locations.

    A question I have is your Formaldehyde working?

    Here is my dash

    LOL.. according to the uradmonitor site we are in China… I know China has bought half of Australia farming and agriculture land, but I believe it is still Australia, not China. (Then again with the day to day changes in Canberra we might be China by now… who knows).


    in reply to: Introduce Yourself! #6014
    henk harms

    Hi Folks.

    Henk here 50yrs and retired Business Architect, I been running dayboro weather station since 2004. Just connecting every wire I can find and hope for the best :-).

    I have unit #820000E7, not much of a coder I just beg, borrow and steal what I can find.
    Pretty much need all the help I can get to get things done, now a day’s due to some brain damage issues.

    Apart from that… all happy and excited to have the A3 unit plugged in, now the trouble starts LOL.

    Have fun folks.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)