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    Hey, noob here 🙂

    I just got the Smoggie-CO2 id 17000014,. Thank you! Looking forward to putting it into action.
    Though I have a problem, the SSID it shows is wrong as per documentation it should be uRADMontor-14, yet I find uRADMonitor-F2
    The key doesn’t work 17000014, and I have also tried 170000F2 (to match the SSID I find) – neither work.

    I tried connecting via USB with CoolTerm on Mac (all drivers installed), yet a connection cannot be established.

    It’s strange, as I do see this SSID appearing (and disappears periodically) – the sensor does light up, having a stable green led on.

    Any help is highly appreciated, thanks!


    To add on this, also tried on a win laptop and couldn’t establish any connection via CoolTerm (and other serial port means), using the baud rate 9600


    Not sure about the SSID name, but I found there was an issue with the provided DC power supply which caused a similar SSID up\down (once I turned the beeper on, it seemed the unit was actually rebooting). I have a different unit (A3) I’m just starting with – switching to one of my own power supplies (I borrowed from another device at home).


    Thanks for the input jank. The provided power supply seems to be working and the Smoggie behaves the same even if I turn it on via USB.


    hi Catalin, seems something went wrong when provisioning your unit with the custom firmware . I will get back to you with the correct firmware on email. It’s very easy to program it, here are 2 tutorials:

    The Easy Smoggie Firmware guide

    Smoggie Firmware Update


    Thanks Radu, managed and I installed the new firmware, all good!

    P.S. The reason why I wasn’t able to make an USB connection was because the provided cable either has the data layer broken or doesn’t have one for data transfer. I changed the cable and then I saw the Smoggie in Device Manager and I was able to update the firmware.

    Data looking good so far. Looking forward to notifications

    Keep up the awesome work!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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