Smoggie is the recent uRADMonitor product based on a versatile compact platform that can handle multiple sensors, making space for several Smoggie based products depending on what they measure. Currently the list includes the Smoggie-PM, the Smoggie-CO2 and the Smoggie-GAS for Particulate Matter (PM1/PM2.5/PM10), Carbon Dioxide and toxic Gases.

From left to right: SMOGGIE PM – CO2 – CH2O – GAS

They all share similar form-factor and similar power requirements, with some differences imposed by the particular sensor used. For instance the SMOGGIE-GAS will use a constant 80mA at 5V, while the SMOGGIE-CO2 will go for 80mA but pulse up to 170mA every time the Infrared Lamp turns on, part of the NDIR CO2 measurement. The Smoggie-PM idles at 80mA and when the fan runs it will use 120mA. The form factor is extremely small considering that it offers built in WiFi and automated sensor monitoring. The Smoggie PM is only 42x43x27mm (1.65″ x 1.69″ x 1.06″), while the Smoggie-GAS is the biggest but still compact at 42x43x47mm (1.65″ x 1.69″ x 1.85″). All these devices have rainproof enclosures and can be installed directly outdoors:


The microcontroller is the Espressif ESP8266, packed with additional memory, built-in antenna and a USB Serial driver. Besides the Smoggie Firmware, there is also a bootloader. This way, the micro-usb connector can be used to power your Smoggie, read the data or do firmware updates.

Updating the Firmware

Currently the firmware is updated via USB. You only need a computer and a micro-usb cable. SMOGGIE will soon be released on Github and you’ll be able to compile and modify the firmware code yourself, but until that happens, contact us for the newest firmware.

Download and install esptool according to the instructions on Github:

Make sure you have the Smoggie latest firmware, compiled for your particular unit, regardless of its type (SMOGGIE-PM, SMOGGIE-CO2, SMOGGIE-GAS they use the same process). Connect SMOGGIE via USB and type: –port /dev/cu.wchusbserial1410 write_flash -fs 4MB -fm dout 0x0 firmware.bin

Make sure you select the correct port. Firmware.bin is the firmware file you get from us. For Windows you can also go with this precompiled esptool variant.

esptool.exe -cp COM3 -cd nodemcu -cf firmware.bin

Where COM3 is the serial port assigned to your USB-connected SMOGGIE and firmware.bin is the firmware file you get from us.

SMOGGIE successful firmware update on Windows

New features

The excellent SMOGGIE review on Electronza pinpointed several issues related to Smoggie. A lot changed since then, including the enclosure, but many improvements where added to the firmware as well. The recent firmware lets the user change the Smoggie local access point password, that is used to configure the unit:

New SMOGGIE config screen allows you to select the WiFi to connect to, but also to change the local password to avoid security risks

The internal webserver shows the relevant data. Smoggie-PM will turn off the fan periodically for prolonged sensor life.

Smoggie-PM turns off the sensor air intake fan when not needed
SMOGGIE-CO2 displays the CO2 levels on the built in webpage
Smoggie-GAS detects the installed sensor type (H2S here) and shows both the digital readings in ppm but also the electrochemical cell analogue output in Volts.

This internal webpage will also show better on mobiles now, as it zooms to match the screen size. Do you own a Smoggie? Ask for the new firmware now.