We are extremely pleased to announce that uRADMonitor in partnership with DIM Transilvania Group have established a collaborative research program with the Washington, D.C.-based George Washington University (GWU)’s  Milken Institute School of Public Health and the School of Engineering and Applied Science. The project’s goal is to create a Washington, D.C. Air Quality Monitoring Network (AQMN), which can provide real-time and transparent data about street level air quality for citizens, city officials and visitors by deploying stationary monitors as well as conduct mobile monitoring with volunteers wearing monitors while riding bikes. The pollutants measured are Black Carbon, Ozone, Nitrogen Dioxide and PM2.5, many of these covered by the uRADMonitor wide range of sensors.


This is a GW student-run and community focused research project about air quality. The project’s goal is to create a network of low-cost air quality monitors at the neighbourhood level in Washington DC while engaging local communities and involving them in the research. 

FreshAIR Launch Event

The sensors selected for this project are the uRADMonitor INDUSTRIAL, an advanced multi-parameter air quality automated monitor, that tracks Ozone, Nitrogen Dioxide, Sulphur Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide and Particulate Matter. Data is collected by using LoraWan technology, which both GWU and the District of Columbia are currently investing in.

The team investigated the best options for installing the sensors, including rainproof enclosures and connectivity range tests for the LoRaWAN coverage.

As an ongoing project focused on analysing the data, more findings are to be published based on the measurements.

We are extremely happy about this opportunity of working together with GWU at targetting the air quality issues around the globe.