uRADMonitor participated in the first edition of the Hackaday Prize, in 2014. Although it was just starting, the global network managed to reach the semifinals in a competition that aimed at “connected things”. Dave Jones blogged about it, and suddenly the entire World knew about uRADMonitor:

One year later, with the Portable Environmental Monitor or uRADMonitor-D, the project got into the Finals of the Hackaday Prize 2015, with one in ten chances to win the grand prize. It was a major accomplishement that brought a lot of exposure on the project, helping it move forward. People like Ben Krasnov or Pete Dokter provided valuable feedback, an opportunity that was facilitated by the Hackaday event as well:

Internet of Useful Things

Some time after, the Hackaday Prize 2017 is about building something that matters. uRADMonitor aims at making an impact at a global scale. Add that to the fact that uRADMonitor is an IOT technology that started before this notion became a buzzword. All in one, this was a perfect fit and couldn’t miss this opportunity. Two new devices, the uRADMonitor KIT1 which is an Open Source IOT platform and the uRADMonitor CITY designed as a cost effective solution for monitoring air quality in cities, they both entered the competition.

With detailed construction logs, field tests, many lines of source code and design details but also many pictures with variants of the KIT1 built by the community, the two projects performed well and entered the Hackaday Prize 2017 Finals in the Internet of useful things category.

What a great email to start the day with!

Wheels, Wings and Walkers

This is about robots and with the incredible recent progress in electronics there’s no excuse to build something extraordinary here. Not related to uRADMonitor, the ROBO-Dog went out as a finalist:

The Robo-Dog is a proof of concept for a user tracking technology. What this means is you can have a robot follow a user for different purposes, mostly related to assistance. Here is the Hackaday announcement, it feels great to be in that list!

Best product

This first started in 2015, and uRADMonitor was a finalist to “best product” back then with the Portable Environmental Monitor or the uRADMonitor-D. Now we’re back in the race with the KIT1 and the CITY as two excellent IOT products:

It was exciting to see the official news on the best product finalists.

All in one, the following projects are Finalists in the Hackaday Prize, a total of 5 finalists:
“Internet of useful things”:
uRADMonitor KIT1 as the “Open Source IOT Platform
uRADMonitor CITY as itself.
Official announcement goes here.
“Wheels, Wings and Walkers”
The user follower robot as Robo-dog
Official post with the news is here.
“Best product”
Both the KIT1 and CITY are finalists in the Best product category, the official list is here.

ROBO-Dog demo video

KIT1 Presentation video

CITY video

Excellent results!

Thank you Hackaday for this recognition of our efforts.