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hackaday prize

Top 5 Finalist in Hackaday Prize 2017

For the past few months uRADMonitor has been competing in Earth’s greatest hardware competition. The Hackaday Prize is a challenge to Build Something That Matters, make an impact, and create the hardware that will transform the world. One step at a time, we advanced in the competition and we are now one of the ten […]


Finalist in Hackaday Prize 2017

uRADMonitor participated in the first edition of the Hackaday Prize, in 2014. Although it was just starting, the global network managed to reach the semifinals in a competition that aimed at “connected things”. Dave Jones blogged about it, and suddenly the entire World knew about uRADMonitor: One year later, with the Portable Environmental Monitor or […]


Hackaday Prize 2015 Grand Prize Finals

The portable environmental monitor project or the uRADMonitor-D was announced today as one of the 10 finalists of the Hackaday Prize 2015, from a total of almost 1000 initial entries. With this highly honourable distinction, the uRADMonitor project is committed to continue its mission of tracking health threatening pollutants at global scale. By expanding the […]


Hackaday Prize 2014 Model A Video Presentation

To comply with the requirements of the “send me to space” Hackaday Prize 2014 competition, we’ve made a short video as an introduction to the uRADMonitor project. The video presents only a few succinct details, but for more information you can read the additional articles on the uRADMonitor blog. And don’t forget to vote […]