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    haha, well that was some time nicely wasted

    my SDO was tied to Vcc , which i knew, and i knew i needed 0x77 as address,
    that comment just threw me off
    //0x77 default I2C address
    thought it was already set as default and was confused with that shift

    instead of trying the obvious, i went on and started debugging i2c communication
    a habit of a reverse engineer i guess…

    anyway, it’s working like a charm now, thanks!

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    awesome stuff!

    I successfully updated the firmware.
    I compiled it on linux with only small changes (case sensitive fs, BME280.h vs bme280.h).

    I tried to hook up my bme280 breakout board (from sparkfun, ) but had some issues and would have a couple of questions.

    1. #define BME280_ADDR (0x76<<1) //0x77 default I2C address
    is this correct ? Since 0x76 << 1 is not 0x77

    2. should SDA/SLC be pulled high?

    3. After some debugging, it seems that the initial i2c communication breaks on the first try here:
    if (i2c_start_wait(address | I2C_WRITE)) return I2C_ERROR;
    in readmem() when it tries to read the ID from 0xd0.

    This seems to be the first check that returns an error:
    if((TWSR & 0xF8) != 0x08) return 1;
    in i2c_start_wait()

    Any hints on what I might need to change ?

    Thanks for the good work , cheers!

    in reply to: KIT1 Feedback #3033

    No problem rbrt, I’ve made a same mistake for a few minutes. Was getting to low readings so I double checked.

    Anyway, here’s my unit. I was to eager to finish it and I didn’t take progress pictures. It’s not going to win any beauty contests, but it works! Here it’s shown as working on batteries. Wonder how long two AA will last.

    Also, I don’t have a 3d printer but I have a Dremel, so I reused a spare pencil case which fits perfectly with room to spare for batteries. It has just enough room for the ethernet and power plug, so it can work as a stationary too!

    I’ve tested the unit for a few days now. I will keep it offline for some time, until I find a proper place to mount it.

    I have the bme280 ready and waiting, too.


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    I’ve just built my kit and it’s working.

    I was just looking at rbrt’s pictures and I’ve noticed that he might have the tube in the wrong orientation. The tube does require proper orientation (plus side to plus connector on the board), right? Or it doesn’t really matter?

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