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    Finally I manged to replace the cables (indoor side only) for my unit. The ones that initially came with the unit were quite flimsy and I had a lot of connection issues and had to improvise something in the meanwhile. The new ones that I bought now are from a local distributor.

    Delock 66023 [Delock Passive PoE Adapter Set RJ45 DC 5.5 x 2.1 mm]

    I also bought a Delock 82197 [Delock Cable USB Power > DC 5.5 x 2.1 mm Male 1.0 m] because I power the device straight from an APC SurgeArrest outlet (PM6U-GR) which has two USB ports.

    Late Edit Note: Be aware that the power rating for Delock 82197 is only 2.5 watts (5VDC – 500 mA).

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    Thanks Radu. I have another question. What is the power rating for the device? I know it’s 5V, but what is the max. amperage?

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    Hello Beniamin,

    uRADMonitorX does not work with SMOGGIE devices yet. But I will add support in the upcoming version which will be able to fetch data from multiple devices at once. There is still a lot of work to be done and no so much bandwidth for me, therefore I don’t have an estimate of when it will be ready.


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    @wanek, this sounds like a good idea, so helpfully, in the next major version, we’ll be able to set both the Low and the High values for notification thresholds for multiple parameters.

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    My app was listed on Softpedia (link).

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    I can confirm, same issue here.

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    Hi @Wolferl,

    There is some work in progress to address this matter (fetching and displaying data from multiple devices). But I don’t have a prototype yet.

    P.S. I also have a Smoggie (which I haven’t install it outdoor).

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    @mystic860, you’re very welcome. I’ve just released an official version now (1.3.1).

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    Hi Ken,

    Can you attach a HTML page sample? For example, open the device web page in your browser > choose File > Save Page As…

    Thank you.

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    Hi, @neo.

    Can you describe the issue you are having with uRADMonitorX?


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    I’ve attached today’s graph for my unit, I don’t see anything unusual.

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    Now it’s working.


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    Hi @radhoo, my unit receives 301 http error code when sending data to the server and it is shown offline on the map (same for other devices in my area).


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    @radhoo, could you please update the link in the first post of this thread to point to GitHub instead?


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    Hi @SaltoUYStation,

    Those are standard Unix timestamps (seconds from the beginning of Unix calendar, 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z).
    Using this online converter the timestamp 1490410770 translates to 03/25/2017 @ 2:59am (UTC).

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