In an effort of expanding the network, five more units are set to join the network in the following few days. They will get online in various locations all around the globe, to offer increased coverage and a better understanding of the background radiation variations.
The units have been tested to assure they are properly calibrated and that their measurements are consistent when exposed to radiation. Tests as long as 10 hours have been performed, needed to observe even the smaller variations, registered when the units are exposed to the background radiation levels.
The units have been placed in close proximity and connected to the Internet. The Radiation dose measured by the internal tubes in Counts per Minute (cpm) has been recorded for comparison. An approximative conversion to uSv/h was calculated to make it easier to compare results registered with different Geiger tubes (currently SBM-20 and SI-29BG)
Comparing radiation on units 1200000B (red) and 1200000C:
Internal temperature comparison for units 11000005 (reD) vs 11000007, showing decrease with evening hours: