Novi Sad was the recent host of a high density of hackers during the BalCCon2k16 conference, organised by the Linux User Group of Novi Sad with the participation of many international guests. Entitled time is an illusion, the event delivered interesting talks and workshops, and above all the chance to meet the people behind the screens in flesh and bones.
uRADMonitor participated with a workshop, and thanks to the good care of the organisers, this will immediately result in a high number of stations deployed in Serbia, increasing data knowledge and awareness on the invisible harmful factors that can impact our health.

The message we carried was simple: with the current advances in the ITC sector it is easier than ever to design and deploy hardware – devices that can be useful to what we do or to how we live. It was therefore an encouragement to step up the creativity gear for the common benefit.
The conference badges designed by Voja are neat pieces of hardware, equipped with infrared transceivers so they could communicate with each other at the event, synchronising the circular light sequences. They also have an USB connector so can be used as secure hardware password managers to store and inject keys.
This year’s event was great, looking forward for more to come!