uRADMonitor Model D is the first uRADMonitor unit designed to address air pollution. It features top quality sensors, being able to sense a total of 6 chemical and physical parameters. It is handheld portable detector, in a rugged compact form aluminium enclosure. The initial concept was announced May 2015, and by August 2015 a first Model D prototype has already been produced. The following iterations refined the product, and now the model D features a built in GPS receiver to geotag all readings, an SDCard slot to store all readings offline and a GPS synced real time clock to accurately measure time.

Picture 1: Going for perfection, 5 product iterations


uRADMonitor model D uses the BME680 from Bosch to measure air temperature, barometric pressure, humidity and volatile organic compounds, or VOC. A Sharp photoelectric sensor is used to detect the Particulate Matter PM2.5 concentration in air. A high quality LND712 Geiger Tube Made in the USA allows this dosimeter to detect alpha, beta, gamma and x-ray ionising radiation.

Sensor Parameter Minimum value Maximum value
Bosch BME680 Temperature -40 °C +85 °C
Pressure 300 hPa 1100 hPa
Humidity 0% RH 100% RH
VOC 0 mg/m³ 100 mg/m³ reducers
10 mg/m³ oxidizers
Sharp GP2Y1010AU0F PM2.5 0 μg/m³ 800 μg/m³
LND LND712 * α,β,γ,x-rays 0.005μSv/h 5000.00μSv/h

* Each Model D dosimeter is subjected to a final test: the tested device must be in a confidence interval of 5% in comparison to a master. This master is adjusted to a gauged reference Cs-137 emitter.

Health impact

The purpose of the model D detector and that of the entire uRADMonitor network is to monitor chemical and physical factors that can have a negative impact on our health or on the environment. Using its advanced sensors, the model D monitors against the following potentially hazardous parameters:

Picture 2: Air pollution can shorten our lifespan, this is why we need uRADMonitor

VOC or volatile organic compounds, are a class of substances that evaporate at room temperature. Being different substances, may be responsible for a broad category of disorders, including respiratory problems, allergic or weakening immunity in children. Some VOC ‘s are responsible for the formation of smog, irritation of eyes, nose and throat, headaches and concentration problems. In extreme circumstances, more severe complications can occur, such as damage to liver, kidney and central nervous system or cancer [1].
Ionizing radiation is harmful to living organisms because it can cause damage to cells that can result in multiple disorders , the most common of which is cancer. Ionizing radiation is naturally occurring from cosmic and terrestrial sources, but there are also artificial generators related to nuclear activities or x-ray devices . Worldwide global average dose is 3.01mSv [2].
Particulate matter PM2.5 refers to small particles with a diameter of up to 2.5 microns. These particles can penetrate deep into the lungs , causing allergies, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases [3].
[1] Volatile Organic Compounds’ Impact on Indoor Air Quality, US Environmental Protection Agency
[2] Radiation Health Effects, US Environmental Protection Agency
[3] Health and Environmental Effects of Particulate Matter (PM), US Environmental Protection Agency

Product features

These are mobile units powered by a high capacity Lithium Ion rechargeable battery, with a GPS receiver for location mapping and Wifi connectivity, but also with a SDCard slot to store all readings when WLAN is not available. This not only addresses radioactivity in a similar way to existing top-notch dosimeters, but it also measures the air pollution, contributing with valuable data to the uRADMonitor network. The model D also features an Alarm built in and has a touchscreen to provide visual and audible indications, keeping you informed all the time. Using the uRADMonitor backend infrastructure and model D’s wireless data sharing capabilities, the global readings provide useful data on pollution, its geographical distribution, and evolution in time.

Picture 3: Complex uRADMonitor motherboard front and bottom view

Module Parameter Ratings
Battery Lithium Ion 1500mAh
GPS Channels 50
First fix 27s / 1s
Accuracy 2m
LCD Size 2.4″
Touchscreen resistive
Wifi Protocols 802.11b/g/n
SDCard Type MicroSD SDHC
Microcontroller Atmega2561 8 bit
Real Time Clock GPS synced
Enclosure Rugged aluminium 110x70x24 mm

uRADMonitor Model D Awards

uRADMonitor D has been featured on Digi24 TV. The product caught international attention being one of the ten finalists of the Hackaday Prize 2015 competition in San Francisco. The portable environmental detector, uRADMonitor model D, took the 1st place at the 2015 Arad Innovation Fair and won the 10000 EURO Prize. It was also part of the uRADMonitor indieGogo campaign that ended successfully back in January 2016 for a total of 32000 USD.

Picture 4: 1st Prize medal received at Arad, 2015

uRADMonitor is a project built for the community. We have invested time of our lives to build a tool to serve others. We are grateful for the recognition our work has received, in terms of prizes, grants or community support.

Getting your own detector

The uRADMonitor project relies on civic attitude at a global level, being supported by a large number of individuals. By purchasing a detector today, you get a high quality dosimeter and at the same time contribute data to this worldwide initiative, supporting the project’s development. To get your unit, click here.