Here is a revision of the current Model A uRADMonitor detector. Codenamed the model A2, it replaces the internal DS18B20 temperature sensor with the more versatile BMP180. The BMP180 is a low power, high resolution temperature and barometric pressure sensor, manufactured by Bosch. It comes with pre-calibration parameters that are used for accurate measurements.
The aluminium case has an extra hole that exposes the sensor directly to atmospheric conditions, unlike the model A that has the temperature sensor inside. This is a limited series of devices that will probably be distributed to locations where the pressure factor is essential for understanding the changes in background radiation levels. It is possible to also estimate the altitude based on the temperature and pressure readings.
These units are enclosed in the rugged aluminium enclosure as previous Model A units. When mounted outdoors, the connectors and the BMP180 sensor opening should be facing down, to avoid rain getting inside and damaging the sensitive electronics.
There are only a few A2 units available. To get one, click here. More pictures available on the uRADMonitor Facebook page. Share, like, spread the word, to help the network expand!