model A2

uRADMonitor in Florida, USA

The 7th uRADMonitor detector in the US went online recently and is transmitting from Orlando, Florida. This is one of the newer A2 revision units, that were available in limited quantity a few weeks ago. Besides radiation and temperature, this unit also monitors the barometric pressure, helping to our understanding on weather impact on background […]


The Geiger Tubes

The Geiger tube is a gaseous ionization detector that uses the Townsend avalanche phenomenon to produce an easily detectable electronic pulse from as little as a single ionising event due to a radiation particle. It is used for the detection of gamma radiation, X-Rays, and alpha and beta particles. It can also be adapted to […]


uRADMonitor model A2 with Barometric pressure sensor

Here is a revision of the current Model A uRADMonitor detector. Codenamed the model A2, it replaces the internal DS18B20 temperature sensor with the more versatile BMP180. The BMP180 is a low power, high resolution temperature and barometric pressure sensor, manufactured by Bosch. It comes with pre-calibration parameters that are used for accurate measurements. The […]