Upgrade my city 2016 took place in Timisoara during the 2nd and 3rd of November, shaped as a call to action to all those living inside this city: individuals, companies, universities and the administration. Targeting 4 general directions health, education, town planning and entrepreneurship, the event stimulated active and collaborative involvement of the participants:
As a project that emerged from this city, uRADMonitor took place in this initiative pitching for action to lower pollution and increased quality of the environment.
The feedback was generated on an Athenian democracy model, with the city dwellers directly proposing solutions to the current problems.
As a result of this event, uRADMonitor will contribute with a number of air quality detectors. Not only this will bring Timisoara one step closer to a smart city implementation, but we’ll be able to identify pollution hotspots, resulting in action to lower those emissions. More on this event here. Special thanks for this initiative go to OAR Timis, Smart city association, Alergotura and Initiative in Education.