Citywide Air Quality monitoring in Timisoara

Timisoara is the main economic, social and cultural center in western Romania and the country’s third city by population size. Timisoara has recently committed itself to a strong digitalisation direction, through which to modernise the city’s services using the latest technologies. Sensors in Timisoara Being a company that started from Timisoara, uRADMonitor (MAGNASCI SRL) offered […]


Innomatch ’16

The fourth edition of the Regional Innovation Fair took place in Timisoara, bringing together local and international guests for an intense day of presentations and networking focused on the innovation ecosystem. The organisers, Tehimpuls and ADR West provided an excellent environment for exchanging ideas and establishing new partnerships, in an elegant location. We were as […]


Upgrade my City 2016

Upgrade my city 2016 took place in Timisoara during the 2nd and 3rd of November, shaped as a call to action to all those living inside this city: individuals, companies, universities and the administration. Targeting 4 general directions health, education, town planning and entrepreneurship, the event stimulated active and collaborative involvement of the participants: As […]