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    Dear radiation lover, 😉

    I wanted to display current radiation level on my computer running OS X from Apple.

    As no tool was available, I made one by myself.

    For this purpose, I use BitBar application, that allow user to show in menu bar any app/shell script output.
    And I wrote a script, that basically do :
    * talk to device
    * grab anything wanted
    * figure out the kind of detector used, and apply ratio conversion (from CPM to uSv/h).
    * apply same color scheme than uradmonitor map

    Download and how to here : https://github.com/martinlbb/uradmonitor-bitbar

    Hope it helps!


    I’m not well versed in plug-in applications – I’m lost as to how to locate the correct plug-in and what to do once I find it. I downloaded and am running bitbar, but….


    Just download this file: https://github.com/martinlbb/uradmonitor-bitbar/blob/master/uRadMonitor.30s.sh

    And then, put it in a directory on your computer.

    In BitBar, browse to the same directory and click OK.
    Bitbar will find available plugin (mine) and launch it.

    Don’t forget to modify IP adress on the file, prior to use 😉


    Awesome guidance, thanks!… wait… not seeing the download function only see the script… perhaps Radu ought try running it first…


    I forgot: my plugin is not yet commited to BitBar application.

    It is only available on my repository.

    I wait uradmonitor forum user to test it.


    Thanks for your answer.

    Here is a ZIP archive link.

    Hope it help!


    Just a quick note. I updated the script to show more value.

    If you click on device number, your default browser (safari, firefox, chrome, …) will open and show your device on urad monitor website.


    Thank you so much for your efforts!
    Something I would really appreciate to use, thanks!

    I tried running your tool with the latest version of BitBar, nowadays called XBar? (v2.0.42-beta) but this version supposedly has a bug that it does not allow for a space in the folder-name. 🙁
    And on my macOS Mojave, this version of BitBar always points to the folder “/Users/{username}/Library/Application Support/xbar/plugins” where thus the “Application Support” is the culprit for that current version of XBar.

    But running the unmodified script you have supplied also throws some (for me) cryptic errors already, see attached screenshot.

    May I ask what version of BitBar (and/or XBar) I can best run to use this?


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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