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    A word of explanation would be nice on what makes an A3 pass the automated testing Criteria in China…. Please refer to the attached testing data jpg available in the manufacturing information videos of the recent indiegogo production.

    It appears after a close inspection of the numbers that Voc and CO2 are all over the map in values when comparing the same model with different serial numbers

    The A3 model 82000126 appears to have VOC value of 0 where the average is over 100000. and it still passed the test

    CO2 values are as much as 300% different and VOC values are all over the place with some values over 100% different.

    On the surface it appears that the sensor values are not calibrated very well.

    Can anyone explain these numbers?



    Absolutely and congrats for your sharp eye,

    The units are not all tested together at the same time , but they are tested in batches. So there will be some differences related to the time of the day they were tested, and the units selected for a given batch. They are not tested in order.

    The VOC doesn’t have a common baseline. You can read more about those sensors here: https://www.uradmonitor.com/smartcity-debate-iasi-2018/ . This is why we have the AQI VOC algorithm (similar to the Bosch BSEC library) that uses history data to compute a common baseline and provide comparable signals of identical amplitudes based on similar trend raw data. The auto test tool for this will only check that the value is in technically correct interval. The AQI VOC algorithm aligns the data between the various units or sensors (eg. BME680 vs MP503)

    The CO2 sensor has an internal auto-calibration mechanism that triggers every 24hours and detects the lowest value to see if it gets close to the ambiental outdoor value of 400ppm. If this is the case, it will adjust an internal offset.

    All in one these are the things you see between the various units in the report page.

    Let me know if you need any additional details, and thanks for an excellent question.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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