The uRADMonitor project owes a considerable part of its exposure to the Hackaday Prize 2014 Edition, where it was one of the 50 semifinalists out of a large number of participants.

Tomorrow, March 10, the 2015 edition of this prestigious competition is taking a new start. They are throwing huge resources in the game, in prizes which are highly appealing and it’s all for a noble goal, make a better future: “in 2015 the Hackaday Community will focus its creative efforts on solving serious issues”.

This has the potential to unleash a huge wave of creativity, triggering new research effort and the development of new ideas on a global scale. Where some will see a few lucky winners, there will be instead hundreds complex projects, pushing further the boundaries of human knowledge. And this makes us all the real winners here. Thank you Hackaday for your efforts!

As for uRADMonitor, we’ll use all the previous experience with this competition for new exciting deeds. And all those of you interested in taking part to this exciting event can do so either as participants or as followers. See more details here.