Industry 4.0 or the fourth industrial revolution, is the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies, including cyber-physical systems, the Internet of things and cloud computing. In this context the Digital Romania Industry 4.0 International Forum took place on November 3rd at the Victoria Palace in Bucharest and brought together high level officials including President Klaus Wener Iohannis, Prime-minister Dacian Ciolos, European Commissioner for Digital Economy & Society Gunther Oettinger, key decision makers and industry leaders on three relevant sectors: smart cars, smart cities and agri tech. The event marked the launch of a national scale Manifesto for a Digital Romania envisioned as a consistent base for the country’s rapid advancements towards the new era.
“Romania must capitalize on its digital advantages that include a highly performing broadband infrastructure and a dynamic IT sector”, President Klaus Iohannis said at the opening of the event.
The Prime-minister presented the Manifesto, and a three objectives strategy to start the implementation: “First of all, we put forward this „Manifesto for a digital Romania” … We therefore established a strategy around three objectives. On the one hand, a better coordination of investment and public money spending in the IT field, with citizens oriented results, to reflect in the administration performance. Secondly, supporting innovation, research- development and entrepreneurship and thirdly, measures to draw specialized professionals in the public sector and to ensure them a stable employment”
“Romania will become an important player in the European digital market and in our plan is to have an active European Union”, European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society Gunther H. Oettinger told the International Digital Romania – 4.0 Industry Forum on Thursday.
The following three sections discussed topics of major importance and the distinguished speakers contributed with comprehensive insights:
Mr. Dorin Odiatiu of Orange, presented the Alba Iulia Smart City Pilot Project, where uRADMonitor was a key component responsible for air quality data, bringing our solution in front of the audience. Thanks go to the Innovation Department of Orange Romania for their vision, trust and support.
With these premises being set, it is clear the Romanian administration is committed to supporting innovation players. We salute this excellent initiative and remain dedicated to developing innovation to impact the quality of life. More on this event on the Government news page.